Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another bad food

Hi people. Sorry for the absence. It’s really hard to keep to my new year resolution of one week 3 entries. Have been really busy and away from home most of the time lately. I went to Penang with Calvin over the weekend and it was absolutely fun, fun, fun and fun.


There’s a new folder in my “No Good” photo album.


This is really near to the McD opposite Taylor’s college. Read something about the food in this restaurant from another blog and decided to give it a try.



I forgot what noodle this is but it’s just plain beehon with deep fried onion, some vege, meatballs and minced pork. This has to be the least yucky food for the dinner.



Hakka Char Yuk. Some sort of really salty pork meat stew, I guess. Really really salty. Don’t like it at all.



This is the famous noodle that the blog mentioned. Seriously, it’s damn yucky. Half prawn with vee and fishballs. The soup tasted like some sort of water after you wash prawn with it. It’s not fresh. This bloody yucky bowl of noodle is RM18. Really expensive. I rather spend it on Greenview. Haihh.



Me looking very unhappy with the food. Check out the super grumpy face.


Overall, I don’t think I will visit the restaurant again. NEVER!!


Let’s talk about good food, shall we? Hehe. Visited Marche with Calvin for dinner the other day. The restaurant changed a lot. It’s quite pretty now compared to my last visit. But I still prefer the one in Singapore because it’s really big in there.


Our drinks. His fresh coconut and my honey dew juice without ice. Really good. check out the cute cow behind our drinks. Hehe.



His grilled salmon. It’s a little dry but then the home made lemon tartar sauce went really well with the fish. Yummy :)



My sirloin steak. It was okay, just a little bit tough for us. But the mashed potato was really smooth and creamy. We likey :)



This has to be, by far, the best mushroom soup there is. Really good and love the taste of mushroom chunk on every spoonful of the soup.



We shared this Turkey ham rosti and it’s really good served together with spring onion, raw onion and tomato sauce. Love the strips of potatoes very much. Nice!!



View from our seats. Really look like a market in there. The staffs are really friendly and polite. We’re too full for desserts that day but definitely will try their dessert the next time. Those cakes look really good :)


That’s all for the food for last week. I guess the next post will be about the Penang and my favourite Char Koay Teow for the whole journey :)



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