Monday, March 15, 2010

Four eye nerd is me :(

Hey people. I’m transformed into a 4 eye nerd approximately 2 hours ago :( Everything is so clear now, it’s looking really weird for me. Too clear. I’m feeling really uncomfortable. But seeing Calvin really patient and caring for me, I will give this spectacle 1 week probation. If by the end of 1 week, I still feel like shit, I really won’t wear it that much unless I’m driving. Calvin is really really nice and patient with me. He really understands what I’m feeling right now and did everything he could to assure me that it’s okay and he will always be there no matter what. His patience level is amazing. Luv ya :)


Enough about the emo part, let’s talk about food. Saw this review about Resto Surabaya at Sunway from The Star online the other day and suggested that place for dinner to Calvin for dinner. As usual, he seldom says no. With the help of Min Min (will be introduced soon), we reached this place before it starts to get dark.






Menus of the restaurant. Frankly speaking, the drinks menu is very little. But then it’s really colourful. Haha. The choices of food isn’t that much but I have never try any of them before. So I kind of studied the menu for quite some time that day before deciding on what to order.



Our drinks. From the colour, the pink one will definitely be mine. It is actually watermelon, strawberry and tomato drink. Really nice and refreshing. Even Calvin who don’t really like tomato commented that the drink is nice. I absolutely hate his drink. It’s this really thick avocado juice. Should be really healthy I guess. But it’s really thick, felt like drinking phlegm. Ewwwww….



Ayam Goreng Lova. One of the restaurant specialty. Fried chicken with really soft meat. The 2 fried thing on the side is tauhu and don’t-know-what. The don’t-know-what is really awful. Haha.



Garlic kangkung. Not bad. Way better than my expectation. Calvin loves vegetables now :)



Any idea what this is???



Ikan Bakar Milenium. It’s over cooked, kind of burnt actually. It’s a bit bitter. The sauce is really sweet. Don’t really like this fish.


Overall, the restaurant is not bad. Interested in their Ayam Penyet and Sup Buntut Bakar. Sounds really funny. Haha. Buttock soup. Kah kah kah kah kah :)




Visited Kiku Zakura with Calvin the other day. Their menu changed, food portion is smaller and price increased a little bit (I think). My chicken teriyaki is basically a really thin slice of chicken fillet. Sauce is still the same though. His Unagi don was really sad case. They gave us very little rice and the unagi is stale. I prefer the one at Tomoe better. More yummy with the same price as this place. No more Kiku Zakura for a really really long time :p


016 (2)

 018 (2)

019 (2)

Wanted to blog about this place but I forgot the name and I can’t search it online. It’s a cafe just opposite the Connaught Pet Hospital (slope area). I ordered sliced pork set steamboat while he had butter milk chicken. He loves food cook in butter milk. Haha. Anyway, my steamboat is really yummy. May look small but it’s actually quite filling. I shared my food with Calvin. We saw Danny Wen at the entrance of the cafe. He looked way better in real life than on TV. Serious!!!


I think that’s all. I better get used to my new spectacles so that I could upgrade to contact lens as soon as possible. Colour or non-colour? Hmmm….



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