Monday, March 8, 2010

Cafe Cafe

Hi people :) How’s your Monday? My working Monday seems to be ultra long with speedy lunch time. Haha. Really looking forward for the end of the month. Holiday, holiday and holiday :)


Visited Cafe Cafe with Calvin on Saturday night for our Valentine’s Day dinner. Yes, I know it might be a little late to have that dinner. But hey, what happens to “Everday is a valentine’s day. It doesn’t have to be on the 14th of February to celebrate your love with someone you love” phrase? February has to be one of the most hectic week for me so far. So much happened in such a short period of time.


Anyway, this restaurant was suggested by Calvin. Am looking forward for this dinner as both of us planned to dress up really nicely and formally to celebrate our first Valentine’s dinner. When I first entered the restaurant, I must say the waiter that served us don’t smell too nice. It’s not the BO smell. I think he applied some kind of oil. After some time, we were too busy ooh-ing and ahh-ing about the restaurant that we totally forgot about the smell. It’s quite dim in the restaurant. Each table was lit by a candle in the middle. My favourite part of the whole restaurant is actually this…


You can’t actually see it very clearly in this photo. The ceiling is filled by crystal in various shape. From shell to star shape. It’s really breath taking. Feels like dining under the stars. It’s the most beautiful sight ever. But I can’t be staring the ceiling throughout the dinner as the the most amazing guy is just sitting right in front of me (he even make table reservation to make sure we have our own table…. sweet right?? I didn’t even know that he made table reservation okay…).


The menu is totally out of the ordinary. Unlike the famous-good-old western restaurant like The Ship, Victoria Station etc. the variety of food is not much but most of them are not available at other places. They even have dinner set (without drinks). Since it’s our first time, both of us ordered 2 different dinner set so that we can try a few types of food :)




Apparently pink lemonade is not pink in colour :( booohooooo. I have to admit the main reason I ordered the drink is because of the word pink itself. Haha. It was really sour on the first sip but tasted much better later on. His sparkling apple juice is quite good too.



Pardon the blur bun photo. As I said it’s quite dark, so my hand has to be very still at Night Mode photo. My most embarrassing moment of the night will be the bread flew off my table and landed on the floor really loud. Damn embarrassing weh. Why Calvin has such a kampung girl gf one… tsk tsk tsk. I don’t even know where to hide my face. Can’t really blame me because the outer layer of the bread is really hard. I thought the inner layer will be hard as well but then it turns out to be quite soft. The kind waiter gave me a new bun and I shyly thanked him *shy shy*.



This is a chef specialty drink that’s on our dinner set. It’s actually cucumber juice with little bit of salt, I assume. Really appetizing.



Our table is really near the window. Damn romantic right my bf. Don’t jealous please :p



I bet most of you have no idea what this is. It’s actually half dozen of escargot in olive oil, if I’m not mistaken. It’s really fresh. At least there’s no shell and you don’t have to worry about the shells being recycled :p The escargots are quite fresh. The kampung girl me told the romantic bf “I can taste the aquarium water in my escargot”. Haihhh… terrible la…..



Our mushroom soup. Yummy as well.



My lamb shank with potato puree. Really good. The lamb was cooked until just right. Meat was really soft and the fat really melts in the mouth. OMG. But after a few bite, I exchange with the romantic bf because his chicken breast was super uber ultra good.



Pardon the blur photo again because of the shaky hands. This has to be the juiciest chicken breast ever. I have no idea how the chef prepared this but even the romantic bf love it. Not many guy love chicken breast okay. Notice the pale brown thing on the right? The kampung girl said it’s foie gras (because I saw it on the menu and certain dish has it in the sauce). The romantic bf kept on saying that it’s actually just potato. After 2 or 3 more bite of the so called foie gras, the kampung girl finally realised that it’s actually potato. Hahahaha.




Is there anything called pre-dessert? We have these two before our dessert which is after our main course. I had lemon sorbet and he ordered cheese something. Lemon sorbet, from it’s name, is quite sour. His cheese thingy tasted super weird. Maybe we don’t know how to appreciate cheese served this way.



This is, by far, the most delicious dessert for both the kampung girl and romantic bf. It has replaces pavlova and mille crepe in my heart okay. It’s actually something like chocolate pie where the chocolate instantly melts in your mouth. It is served warm. REALLY REALLY GOOD!!! Even my tummy is really full and I’m on diet (blehhh :p) but I can’t resist on finishing the whole slice. Really super nice.



Us after the dinner. Notice my big small eyes? I have this eye infection on the front corner of my right eye. Really painful okay. Hence, I looked like that. I know, I spoilt the photograph with that eye. I should have sit inside. But then it’s okay. The romantic bf still love me a lot. Haha. Don’t jealous :p


With the food service (each dish was served one after another with the waiting time less than 10 minutes and the waiter clears your plate once you’re finish to make space for the next dish), great ambience and the perfect date, the dinner came with a quite expensive bill. But the romantic bf assured me it’s a once in a while indulgence, so it’s okay. Seriously, it’s really worth it. It’s really like once in a lifetime experience for a kampung girl like me who made a bun flew. Thank you so much dear. *hugzzz*


Both of us left the restaurant


with smiling face and a sweet memory of our first Valentine’s Day celebration. Thank you for everything, Calvin :) Really appreciate your effort on planning this dinner.



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