Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perfect name for a Thai Restaurant

Hey all. First of all, I have to say that this is the most blur week for me. The day before yesterday, I left my car keys in my locker and my sis gave me death stare. Yesterday, I left my wallet in the locker and thought that someone took my wallet from my bag when I was not aware. I even told Calvin “I’m very sure I put my wallet inside the bag before I leave the office”. Mana tau the wallet was sitting nicely in the locker when I went back to the office later on. Haihhhhh blur chicken or what.


Visited Mr Tom Yam at Giza Mall for lunch with Calvin. It’s really near his office. Since it’s my off day, I researched the whole morning on what and where to eat nearby his office and wanted to try something that he never try before. Mad About Pizza and Entranz were closed (or close for good) on that day, so we drove around Dataran Sunway and he suggested to check out the restaurants at Giza Mall. That mall is still very new. Only the supermarket and a few restaurants are open for business. Picked Mr Tom Yam cause I love Thai food (simple and straight forward reason :p).


I found the name really nice and easy to remember. From the name, we know that it’s Thai food. No need to browse through the menu or peek on what other people is eating. And when you have your mind set for Thai food, tom yam is a must. No Thai food is complete (for me) without tom yam. Yummy~~



The menu. I think the drinks  are really expensive. Apparently Thai tea is like milk tea. I was expecting something like chinese tea but tastes a little bit different.



Thai Tea Model of Year 2010 is Calvin Ng. Haha. Mr Tom Yam version of Thai tea is actually milk tea with honey instead of sugar. Tasted kind of funny but it’s really sweet till he can’t finish it.



When the food arrived, I started to swallow eat gracefully. Haha. I’m very hungry at that time. I don’t care if he took ugly photos of me eating. All I want to do is satisfy my hungry stomach. Haha.



My Belacan Fried Rice. It’s really nice. The taste is just nice. Not spicy, no worries. But the egg looks ….. berkedut-kedut. Haha.



The seafood tom yum. The soup is really nice. It may not look nice but the sour and spicy level is just right. It contains prawns, fish and squid. Me likey :)



The huge Pineapple Fried rice. I would choose my Belacan Fried Rice over this because the pineapple fried rice is really sweet. Really really sweet.



Pandan Chicken that I absolutely love. It’s real chicken meat, not the minced and mixed with spices type. Just chicken, a little seasoning and wrap with pandan leaf. My type of pandan chicken. The sweet and sour sauce was not bad as well.



Our dessert. Red ruby water chestnut in coconut milk. The sweetest thing in this dessert has to be the jackfruit. It’s like super ultra sweet. I’m not a fan of water chest nut but I kind of like this combination (Calvin Ng, stop influencing me).


That’s what we had at the restaurant. Would visit that place again in the future for other food like steam fish in lime and chilli. Yummy. This place is air conditioned, so the heat and sweat might not be a major problem.


There is one thing about this Giza mall that amazes me.


Their ceiling fan is really really REALLY big. But this place is quite windy most of the time. Perfect place to hang out and gossip at night if they have pubs/bistros/cafes. Shall venture into big fan land in the future for more food, food and food :)


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