Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reunion of Calvin with his tuition teacher

Hi all. This is the first week after my glasses. I only put it on when I’m driving because I can see very clearly in the office. Just that I can’t see things from far. Furthermore, every time I put the glasses on, I have this churning feeling in my stomach like a washing machine. This awful feeling is enough to make me vomit. Uggghhhh….. I guess it pays to be a nerd. Hahaha.


Visited this Thai Restaurant at Taman Segar last week. If I’m not mistaken it used to be at Taman Muda food court. Due to lousy business, they moved to some other place.



Our drinks. His honeydew juice (as always) with my guava and sour lime juice. My drink was really thirst quenching. Tasted really good cause I requested for additional ice cubes. Even Calvin loves my drink okay :p



Our seafood tomyam. The soup is really really good. It has squid, prawns, crab (not fresh, no flesh) and tomatoes with my favourite abalone mushroom. The soup is just sour and spicy enough. Me like :)


011 Green vege. Forgot the name but it’s quite good. I mean what do you expect from a normal garlic fried green vege….


012 The big fish that the cook gave us. We nearly cannot finish everything. The fish was really huge. Thai style steamed, I think. I initially wanted another type of sauce/soup but I ordered the wrong one. Well, I guess there will be another time. Hehe.


Overall, the restaurant served quite decent Thai food. It’s hard to go wrong with Thai food. Haha. It’s nearly full and we visited the place on a weekday. Will be there again for my real favourite thai fish :)


Ohhh, Calvin met his long lost tuition teacher the other day.


And they took a photo together.


Okay okay… that’s me in glasses. Laugh all you want. When I look at myself in the mirror, I laughed as well cause I really look like a tuition teacher. I don’t know why not school or college teacher. I guess tuition teachers look more nerdy than others. HAHAHAHA.



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