Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Luna-ed, finally :)

Visited Luna Bar with Calvin over the weekend. I really wanted to go this place for the longest time. Heard so much about it but don’t even know where it is :) Calvin suggested this place for our dinner and outing :) So sweet of him :)



Obviously, the photographer is not me okay. It’s Mr Ng. Haha. Love the decoration under the stairs. So nice :)


Since it’s our first time there, the waitress let us roam around to choose the place we want to sit because most of the side tables were reserved (that is what they claimed). So we went upstairs first and took photo with one of the KLCC and camwhore with KL Tower. Those photos are still with Calvin. He only gave me a few so that I can blog about it first. Hehe.



We choosed the sit indoor because it looks like it’s going to rain and it’s air conditioned. Don’t want to be sweaty and smelly before the night ends. We choosed the last seat at the corner so that we can have privacy :)



Our drinks. I prefer mine more because his is absolutely hard to swallow. Haha. My drink is made of a few combination of different strawberries flavoured water. I have no idea what is inside his drink though.. Haha



Both of us shared this as our dinner. This place don’t really have much choices of food. Surprisingly, the food turned out to be really good. The steak was quite juicy and the lamb chop was cooked just right. Love the sweet and sour dip very much :)


Took a lot of photographs before and after meal. After that, both of us just relax at the sofa, talk while enjoying the night view of KL and take more photos :) Enjoyed myself very much and it’s really one of the good times spent with Calvin. Thanks dear :)


This place is definitely the place to hang out with friends as well. Maybe will suggest this place in the future to my girls as our next gossip spot :)



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