Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red red all the way


Got new shirt from the company today. It’s a tradition that all staff wear AA shirt on friday but you can’t pair jeans or anything. So imagine, upper part of the body is a shirt and below you have to wear slacks (for guys) or skirt/pants (for girls). So cacat right? But anyway, can’t really complain because there are company that don’t have casual Friday. Well, at least I’m semi-casual. Haha.


Anyway, my point of the post is to compare the old shirt with the new shirt. The one on the left is the old shirt. It’s like maroon red with collar and buttons. Due to it’s colour, I will not have my lunch at Station 1 or Sun Wong (sudah tutup) on Fridays because the waiters and waitresses uniform is nearly the same colour as mine. There was once when I was walking out of Sun Wong and the customers sitting outdoor asked me to bring the bill. #@$@#$@ I just stared at him and walked away. Have no idea what reaction to give.


The new shirt is smaller in size and as you can see, it’s curvy. So female and male sizes are totally different. I took M because they said S size is really short. I don’t want to show my belly button at work okay. The new one has a zip in the middle and no collar. Well, at least the collar is the cheongsam type collar. I think the colour is better. The shirt somehow reminds me of Air Asia staff. Maybe it’s the zip factor. Haha.


But one thing for sure, my boss sure loves red.


More “ong” I guess :)



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