Monday, January 25, 2010

Ribs of fire!!

Good morning people. Ughhh… felt so terrible for not blogging much last week. Can’t lose my new year resolution. It’s not even one month after new year. Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Yick Hui is terrible!!! Haha :)

Food for last week will be Hong Lim and sbread :) Hong Lim is the place I went a few times for their morning dim sum. When I told Calvin I wanted to have chinese food (as in order vege, meat etc together with rice) for dinner, he suggested this place.




There’s another tauhu dish (Calvin loves tauhu) but I don’t know where the photo went :) We ordered from the “Chef’s Recommendation” page only :) The vegetable is actually butter milk nai pak. Quite nice though, maybe a little bit oily. The flaming ribs are quite good. We have to watch the flaming show before we can actually eat it. It’s around 30 seconds long O_O” so if you’re really hungry, maybe can request for smaller amount of liquid on the plate, so that the fire show will ends earlier :)

sbread is a tiny shop located at LG of gardens which is quite famous, I think. There are newspaper articles at the entrance of the stall. Their food is quite special. Their menu have a variety of toast. Chocolate toast, thick peanut butter toast and a few that I have never heard before. I’m not really a big fan of bread, especially white bread.




The drink is actually pink barley!! So pretty okay :) Luckily it does not has any other weird taste to it. Only barley flavour. Calvin ordered half boil eggs and this is how the present the food to him. Haha. So old-skool (stolen from my sis’s). I think he has to wait for like 5 minutes to 10 minutes for the hot water to completely dripped onto the lower portion. He waited for like until 9.5 minutes or so and cracked open one of the egg. Maybe he’s hungry. Haha. But the eggs turned out to be just right “half boiled”. Mum used to have this yellow tower thinggy too. I wonder who invented this thing. It’s amazingly accurate. You don’t have to worry about the egg getting too raw or over cook. Asam laksa is quite good. Maybe the soup is a little bit too thick.


Baby’s update :)


This is baby’s new food. It’s so awesome that it’s only available at vet clinic. Price? Quite expensive, considering she can finish one whole packet in one month. But the outcome is really worth it. No more itchy body and she lost some weight. She used to be slightly over weight. The dog biscuit is made from salmon fish meat, which mean it’s rich in omega oil okay. The dog eats salmon fish meat for breakfast and dinner while the master only eat… bread for breakfast and vege and pork for dinner. How is that possible? Well, for Baby, anything is possible. She even got the bigger share of pillow than me okay. But I’m glad that her condition improved a lot. I even gave her daily cod fish oil so that her fur will be smooth and silky. It’s even getting darker now. No photos of her at the moment because her fur is still very short and it’s not pretty.  Not fair for my pretty baby. Maybe when her fur is longer and Schnauzer style again, I’ll show you all, especially DAVID (I know you are reading my blog) that my dog is a PRETTY AND GORGEOUS BITCH!!! Humphhhh!!!!


Cny shopping is making me sad. Because I saw 3 most beautiful bag at Mid Valley and 1 cutest bag online. Bag is important for cny because….. it’s my angpow carrier *self-convince look*. Hehe :) managed to bought only 1 cny clothing yesterday, which is not enough. I need at least 3 okay!! Wish me luck. I even need a new pair of shoes. Looking for medium height wedges that are pretty :)

Ohhh just as a reminder for all my beloved readers including Rachel, TW, WL, David, Jullian and others. It’s near CNY. Please be extra careful with your belongings and lock your house properly. More and more snatch thief cases will be found all over the place. If you really meet one *touch wood*, please don’t struggle or fight with them, especially girls. It’s not worth it. Be smart and save yourself first. As for your house, locked is properly before going back to hometown. I’ve already heard and read a few cases within these few days. Just be extra careful okay. Love you all!!




jvipers2 said...

Thanx for the concern, will try to be as safe as possible throughout this year and the years to come..
You too, take care ya..stay safe and healty! ^^

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cool blog,期待更新.........................