Sunday, January 17, 2010

Personal Concert :)

Hi people. Happy end of weekend :( This week will be 6 working days week for me. Boooooohooooo

Visited The Spaghetti Farm at Mid Valley last week for dinner with Calvin. Have been craving for spaghetti the whole morning and hence suggested that place to Calvin. Before dinner, played Space Invaders for 2 hours and never got through Round 5. I will never give up *semangat face*. Anyway, the food did not disappoint me too much. It would be perfect if my carbonara was a little bit more tasteful.




We ordered one beef bolognise and turkey ham carbonara with chicken and mushroom soup. Let’s start with the soup. The chicken soup tasted EXACTLY like concentrated chicken porridge cooked by my mum. It has this very chicken flavour to it. Haha. The mushroom soup, well, definitely not my type because it’s quite thick. I prefer mine a bit watery with a lot of milk in it. The beef bolognise spaghetti was really good. It’s a little bit sour due to the tomato sauce but I’m fine with sour food :) Like I mentioned earlier, the turkey ham carbonara could be better if it’s a little bit more tasteful. Just the sauce part. The turkey ham tasted just fine :) Overall, this is quite an interesting place to satisfy my crave for spaghetti in the future :)


Visited my all time favourite restaurant, MFM, on Friday night for dinner before Ju-On.


Ordered the seafood platter for 2. Love the butter rice, still as good as it used to be. My last visit was with Alex where the herb baked fish was a huge disappointment because they changed their herb mixture. I’m glad that Calvin love the food, especially the prawns :) Walked around KLCC after dinner and bought myself a grey cardigan that I always wanted to get but couldn’t find the suitable one. Calvin looks a bit tired that day because there’s this new product launching at The Apartment and he was there the whole day. One of the girl models in the launching was really pretty, just like a doll :) Sorry, no photos. It’s not my camera :)


Ju-on was quite good. There’s this white and black ghost. But I don’t really like the black ghost part because it does not make any sense. But both white and black ghost are very scary. But I still do not understand how the people in both story suddenly turn into killer. Other malay girls in the cinema screamed out really loud together that everyone in the cinema laughed in the middle of the movie. Haha. But one thing is for sure,


Both story have “ham sap guai” = pervert ghost!


Hahahaha. Well not the ghost that’s pervert, but…. I don’t know how to explain. Watch the movie and you will understand.


Went to sing k with Calvin yesterday. Just the both of us. Had a lot of fun. I think he influenced me to love sing k session more. Haha. So Wai Leng and Pui See, kindly invite me for any future sing k outing. I’m in!!! Haha. Anyway, both of us sang from 8pm until 11.30pm. Non stop!! We sang from old songs like When You Believe to new Ne-yo songs. Haha. At the end of the night, both of us left Neway nearly voiceless but extremely satisfied :)


That’s all for the weekend. I forgot to upload about Baby and her new supplement which gave her nice, soft and shiny fur. Haha. Will update about her on the next post :)




waileng said...

so good that you have bf to watch ghost mv with u together... ^^

Kitt said...

Yeah, you definitely need to update more on baby, and with lots of photos too!