Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tomoe = Food

Visited Tomoe with Calvin yesterday for Japanese food. We saw this restaurant some time ago. It’s just opposite SDMC. This restaurant is 4 to 5 storeys high and it’s the first shop on the lot. They even have a lift inside the restaurant! While the rest of the shops on the same row is only 2 or 3 storeys high, this particular restaurant is 4 to 5 storeys high. The interior of the restaurant is very nice and simple. It attracts a lot of Japanese customer staying/working nearby. At first, we were seated at the first floor. Due to presence of a smoker and it’s an air conditioned place, I requested to change place where there is absolutely no smokers around. They sent us back to ground floor and it’s really quiet and peaceful because we’re the only customer sitting on the ground floor :) Nice :)




This is our first visit here and most probably will be there again but we intended to try the other restaurant on the same row before repeating :) I have no idea whether I’m really full or the menu is not interesting (lack of food photos) or I really want to diet. I felt really full before dinner. Hence, I only ordered…




Chawan mushi and soft shell crab maki (a.k.a. Shogun). I guessed the put one whole egg and very little into the chawan mushi because it turns out really yellow in colour :p Shogun was really good. The portion of each ingredients is well balanced. Bravo :)



This is what Calvin ordered. Both of us are big fans of Unagi :) This has to be the best Unagi I have ever tasted. If you don’t like Unagi because of the stale taste, then this would be perfect. The fish is practically stale-less (both of us strongly agreed on this point).


Overall, the food is really good. Especially the unagi. Maybe they should add more photos to the menu so that we could see how the food looks like when we order. The appearance of the food is really important (well, to me at least). If it looks like a piece of shit, for sure I will not order it. Haha.


I was listening to the while driving to work yesterday. The deejays were discussing about how’s the first day of school for parents and students. One little boy (around 9 years old I think) called in and when the Ean asked him what he wants to be when he grows up, the little boy answered “Golfer”. Way back when I was around that age, the answer will usually be teacher, soldier, doctor, lawyer, etc. Those are the most common answer. The paling canggih during my era will be engineer. Notice the difference between my era and kids nowadays? Doctors, lawyers, teachers VS golfer, blogger, writter. BUT, nothing beats one of my best friend’s younger sis answer.


Her ambition is to be a housewife when she grows up.


Talk about kids and their ambition eh?