Monday, May 9, 2011

Random food here and there….

Food has been quite random lately. Went to Ikea to get some idea on how to decorate/arrange my future room. I may be getting the things that I want but I just need to do more survey and look high and low for the perfect furniture and price, of course. Besides future room, I am still on search for the ideal outdoor place of my wedding photos. Since it will be on September, it would be better if I have an indoor which is outdoor as a backup just in case it rains. Oh well, search and survey are a big part of wedding planning eh? Luckily, I have Shin to give me all the tips from time to time. She’s like my wedding consultant. Haha.

Back to food, which I have to tone down a lot for the wedding. I’m not complaining as I know the final outcome will be good. I received comments of my slightly tiny bit slim down body. Hahaha. Anyway, food has been very random lately. Rarely dine in at restaurant or café. Have been visiting more food court and food stalls most of the time. More choices of food to choose from and both me and Calvin can enjoy different cuisine at the same time.

One of the random outing will be at Mid Valley food court where Calvin wanted to eat Pepper Lunch.



I ordered Thai food from the neighboring stall, which came with seafood tom yum, omellete and belacan kangkung for a very cheap price, which I forgot. Haha. The tom yum soup was really good. Not too sour or spicy, suitable for Calvin. There’s an Express Pepper Lunch at the food court but I think the service is slower than the restaurant itself. Calvin waited for like 15 minutes for the so-called “express” food. Luckily it was worth the wait as when he mixed the rice, corn and beef together with the sauce, the combination was really good. I can foresee another round of meal at Pepper Lunch very time soon as my colleagues suggested to have lunch at Pavillion’s Pepper Lunch last week but was postponed as I wanted to have Korean Food.


There’s a pan mee stall at SS19 Subang Jaya that is quite famous and always crowded in the morning, even on normal working days. When me and Calvin was on leave last week, we went there for breakfast at around 10am and was told that we have to wait for 30 minutes. It was on a Tuesday morning, by the way.




They only have 1 type of noodle which is pull by hand, so it will be in a squarish shape. I ordered the dried one as I was extremely hungry that day while Calvin had the soup one. I preferred the soup one as it’s not too oily and the soup was quite clear and not too salty. The noodle went very well with the special spicy chilli paste. The long and yummy breakfast was accompanied by coconut to cool the heat and wash away the spiciness of the chilli. Yummy yummy Smile




The last food outing will be from Starbucks Coffee. Calvin need to work for an interesting workshop yesterday at Times Square. Since it was early and we have yet to eat our breakfast, we headed to Starbucks Coffee as I still have RM20 vouchers which I have yet to use. For breakfast that day, we paid around RM6 in cash. Both of use shared the egg mayo sandwich with English Breakfast and Hot Chocolate. I am having gum problem which makes it difficult for me to chew my food properly without experiencing sharp pain. All I can eat for the past days are soft food and I have to avoid meat. But I managed to have a delicious Pandan Jaya Bak Kut Teh for dinner yesterday.

That’s all for today. I have to continue with my research now. Hehe.


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