Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kin Ryu Tei–worst Chawanmushi to date

Calvin’s dad is just as fond of Japanese food as both me and Calvin. Whenever aunty is not available to have dinner with us, we will usually head to the nearest fast food restaurant or Japanese restaurant. He travel to Japan every year so he’s the man when it comes to the difference between Malaysian Japanese food and Japan Japanese food. I an envy to the max Sad smile


There’s this row of Japanese restaurant at Subang Jaya, just opposite Sime Darby Medical Centre. We have visited a few of them and were very pleased with most of the restaurant. Last weekend, we visited Kin Ryu Tei, hoping for a good meal.





The interior of the restaurant is just like those in Japan where the tables are separated and the sushi bar is full of Japanese comics at the middle. There are a few private rooms at the back for those who would prefer to have a quiet and peaceful dinner. I really can’t stand kids these days. They have the hobby of running around the whole restaurant and screaming on top of their lungs but their parents did nothing. Just sit and continuously stuff their mouth with food and more food. First of all, I feel like slapping their parents for not controlling their kids when in public area. Second, I feel like tying the kids to the chair and put cellophane tape over their mouth. The whole time we were there, the kids never stop running round and round and round the restaurant. Their foot steps together with their non stop screaming/yelling is like a dinner at hell. I don’t hate kids; I adore them very much but only the obedient and nice one. Those out of control and hyper all the time are effective source of migraine for me.



The only thing that I love about the restaurant is the soya sauce dispenser. Super cute. Tempted to steal one home but decided not to as I seldom consume soya sauce anyway. Hehe.

We ordered beef teriyaki set, unagi set and sashimi set to be shared. Seriouly, the food is totally not what I expected from a Japanese restaurant. If it’s those large Japanese fast food chain like Sushi King, I can understand. Even Sushi King’s standard is better than this restaurant.


The only photo that I took for the whole dinner. Everything we had, except the sashimi, were not good at all. The unagi is full of bones and it was cold, hence stale. My beef teriyaki was over cooked, which made it very hard and chewy. The chef did a terrible job at cutting the beef as each beef slice was not totally separated from one another. Luckily the sashimi that uncle ordered was fresh. If they can even go wrong with sashimi, which does not need to be cook, I really have nothing to say. The worst of the worst will be the chawanmushi. Super watery and it breaks instantly after scooping it up gently with the spoon. The taste was quite awful as it’s already in minced tauhu state. My god!!

Overall, the 3 of us are not satisfied at all of the dinner. Plus the irritating running and screaming around the restaurant, we could hardly have a peaceful dinner that night. Haihhh… I’m sorry to say, the restaurant is already in my “No Good” folder, as instructed by Calvin. “No more 2nd time” was the phrase that both Mr Ng and Mr Ng Junior said at the end of the dinner. Hehe.


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