Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother’s Day at Grand Palace Pavillion

Every year, we will celebrate mum’s birthday and mother’s day together since both day are very near to each other. Sis suggested Grand Palace at Pavillion due to it’s good food and nice ambience. Her wedding was held at the same place as well. For mum’s birthday and mother’s day, sis ordered the set menu with alteration of few dishes.



First dish is always my favourite for any formal chinese dinner. Mostly cold and hot combination. Please accept my apology for the photo quality as we were very hungry that day and all of us can’t wait to stuff our mouth with food. This appetizer consist of baby octopus, some meat wrapped in ham, something fried and vegetable with clam thingy. Haha.



Although there’s no shark fin soup, but the soup has got abalone in it. Clear and yummy. From here we can see longan, chicken feet, abalone and lean meat. I have no idea what is the name of the soup but it’s really good. By the time I finished the soup, I was already full. Haha.



Next dish is the Peking duck. I am proud to declare that Peking Duck is one of my favourite dish at the moment. The crispy skin wrapped with spring onion and cucumber with the sauce are…. well, a good combination. The green vegetable position on the duck is a little bit …. disturbing, don’t you think? Hehe.



Then it’s fish maw, sea cucumber, mushroom and broccoli. I love this dish as it was served piping hot. The sea cucumber just melted in my mouth. Ohhh la la~~



Okay, I totally have no idea what this is. Something like wanton in soup? Or thick gravy? I think I didn’t eat this, hence I have no idea what it is. Haha.



The dish may look ugly but it’s actually quite good. It’s steamed fish with some salted vegetables. The salty level for this dish was just right. As the fish was basically tasteless, the vegetables gave the dish an aromatic fresh flavour to it. This is my first time eating fish cooked this way.

The star of the night…


Mango cheese cake. I love the cake design. On the top are slices of mango and mango ice cream. Although it is hard to tell which is which, but everybody loved the cake. I don’t like cheese cake so I left my portion for the rest to enjoy. Sis said the cake was custom. Lucky mum. Perhaps chocolate cake next time? Hehe.




Group photo. I forgot to take a photograph of kaufu and his family together with mum. We had a great time laughing over dinner that night. We talked about everything under the sun and moon, from my wedding to what to/not to eat during pregnancy. Anyway, the dinner bill came to RM1k, quite okay since we’re dining at Pavillion and the food was really good. They gave us a private room with a tv in it. Those who have nothing to talk about can watch the TV.


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