Friday, May 27, 2011

The Skewers, Subang Jaya




Read and heard so much about this place. Spotted it on the way to Carrefour shopping the other day. So when I suggested for primary school friends gathering, this place came to my mind as most of them stay nearby that area. I was very surprised that the place was full when we arrived. I thought that the food must be great or the ambience must be good as given it’s location and the time of the day the place was packed with people. We have to wait for an empty table that could fit the 6 of us. If you plan to visit the place, do call and reserve a table, especially when it’s football/soccer night. They have a projector screen at the outdoor seating area for football fans to cheer for their favourite team. In short, I think this place is a superb place for dinner, drinks and chillax; all together under the same roof.



Haihhh…… I have no idea what he is giggling about here, which totally ruined the clearest photo of us by the photographer.




These are mine and Calvin’s primary school friends; Yin Keong and Wei Kin. Yew Koon was late, so he missed the portrait shoot session. We totally forgot to take a group photo after a magic show by one of the restaurant owner. The lady with Yin Keong is, well, obviously his gf la. Who else….. duh~~




The place was decorated with the football-scarf-thingy. One of the owner/partner is Yin Keong’s friend. They have higher stools and tables for those who only need a small space for their beer/drinks while watching the football match.



At last!!! A clear photo of us, after Calvin gave the “photographer” tips on how to hold the camera still. Everybody, say hi to the uncle from the table behind us. He’s in our photo as well!! Haha.









The food that we ordered. The portions are huge!! Luckily me and Calvin shared the grilled prawns, chicken skewers and friend prawns topped with salted egg (last photo). The chicken skewers were really good. Quite juicy and marinated just right. Our meal comes with wedges and green salad as well. The burger is really huge. The portion can be shared by 2 guys or 3 girls. Only Wei Kin managed to finish his sandwich and pilaf rice and half of Yew Koon’s burger. Amazing!! Me and Calvin was struggling with ours even though we distributed some of them out. Even without the 15% discount that we received, both me and Calvin strongly agree that the price of the food is very reasonable with the quality and portion of the food that was served to us.

After dinner, me and Calvin received a lot of suggestions for our honeymoon destinations; from Tiber to US and Maldives. David, Yin Keong’s friend cum owner/partner of the restaurant, arrived at the restaurant and showed us some amazing magic tricks which in the end resulted a steel fork broken into 2. We left early since Wei Kin needs to catch the train back to Taman Connaught. I think the honeymoon destinations topic will be continued very soon in the future by my other friends. Haha.


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