Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bangkok Town

Bangkok Town is a newly opened Thai Restaurant at Taman Muda. since my parents, especially dad, don’t really like Thai food but I absolutely adore the cuisine, I can only try the place out with Calvin. When I reached home one day and mum told me that she won’t be cooking dinner, I suggested this Thai restaurant to Calvin for dinner. A superb idea indeed as it is located very near to my house.

I can only blog about this restaurant today as I forgot the name of the restaurant. I passed by the restaurant just now and quickly pay half of my attention on the name of the restaurant (the other half on the road, of course).





A simple dinner for the both of us. First dish is Bangkok Chicken. Quite nice, I should say. A little spicy but it goes very well with white rice. Belacan kangkong is one of my favourite vegetable of all time. A Thai meal will not be complete without tom yum gung. We ordered seafood tom yum and the soup was amazingly good. I love my tom yum soup cook from scratch and this is exactly how the soup was prepared. Even Calvin love the soup as it was not too spicy, suitable for the both of us.

I will be back for the Thai style steamed fish. Good thing about the restaurant that it’s air conditioned; even though we are eating spicy food served piping hot, we are still in a cooling comfortable environment. Thumbs up for the invention of air conditioner. Hehe.


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