Monday, June 29, 2009

New Adventure of Japanese Food

Last weekend and today were all about food. Visited the char siew place again. It was still as nice as last time though. The standard of the chewy, sticky and sweet char siew never drop. Amazing :P


Over the weekend, watched Dance Subaru and Transformers. I would say Dance Subaru is only average. There were moments where I would say "Huh??? That's all??". Hehe. Transformers is just awesome. Really really good. There may be a second round and third round for me though :) Hehe. I watched Initial D twice last time. There were other movies which I watch it in the cinema for more than once but I just forgot their name. Anyway, Megan Fox is really really really pretty and hot. There were a few scenes where you can see her close up and .... it's really breath taking. I am no lesbian but I do enjoy looking at pretty things (or in this case, human being) okay. This episode is more about machines fighting and I came out with a few conclusions.
1. The bad machines are all black/grey in colour while the hero like Optimus and Bumblebee are colourful. I think it's easier to differentiate between the good machine and the bad machine while they are fighting. None of them even bleed a little.
2. No matter how many times the land was bombed, the number of army maintained at the end of the battle, which means nobody died.
3. (This is from Vince) How on earth can a small car like Bumblebee transforms into a machine that is 2 storey tall?? Hmmm.... Cute :p


After reading much negative comment about SushiGroove and Yo!Sushi, this is the first time I gave SushiGroove a chance to prove that what I read and heard about the restaurant was wrong. You see, everything I read (forum, blog) and what I heard from friends, both of this restaurant are not really good. But, Alfred was the first one that said SushiGroove is actually not bad. Since I always visit Sushi Zanmai quite often and I have no idea what else to order there, I've decided to visit SushiGroove before the movie last weekend with him. Below are the food that 2 person ordered -_-"

Frankly speaking, I don't belive that both of us could finish all the food in one meal. Well ... he finished most of it. I could hardly stuff my stomach with anymore food that day. Hehe. Overall, the food there were quite nice. Not too bad, I would rate it average though. The service there is kind of weird, for me. Hehe. So it would be fair if I give Yo!Sushi a chance. Hehe. That will be my next destination for Japanese food.

Ohh, I managed to get myself a dress for the family potrait this coming Thursday. Managed to get another dress and 2 belts too :) I shouldn't be spending so much. I have to save for my upcoming trip. Obtained a lot of tips from Janice who went there with her family around April. Really useful tips, especially for shopping. Hehe. I'm so excited about the upcoming trip :)
Got to sleep now.


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