Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Korean big wok

I was craving this korean big wok one day. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it’s very near to the MRR2 and Ampang exit. Introduced by Pui See and fell in love with it on the first bite. It’s actually a really big flat wok in the middle of the table where the waiter will cook the food in front of you and once it’s done, they you can scoop out the food from the wok and eat it. Absolutely yummy and hot hot hot!

 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              First, we were served with this cold vineger drink as appetizer. It was quite sour so Calvin didn’t like it at all. Hehe.


Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              I love their raw onion in some special sauce and served cold. I can’t stop nom-ing on them. Hehe. We did not touch the kimchi though because both of us don’t really like the taste. There was also a plate of vegetable for us to wrap our food with it and eat it together. Then there’s the korean sauce and raw garlic to go with all the wrap foodie :)




This is our waiter for the night. Hehe. Our food consist of nissin noodle (extra order), chicken, vegetable, korean “nin gou” and chilli paste. We can choose the level of spiciness of our food. Since this Calvin can’t take too spicy and I have been having upset stomach for the past few days, we ordered the normal one. Calvin absolutely love the food. Am glad that he enjoyed the meal because it means will be visiting this place again for the yummy food with Calvin. Wooohooooo. And my dear girls, please organize an outing at this place again okay :) Me likey…. very much :) Even Wai Kin, my ex-colleague love their food as well. I briefly introduced her to this place when we were having Korean food for lunch not long ago. It’s easy to tell her where the place is because we went out together for drinks at her friend’s place which is just 3 to 4 shop lots away. Hehe. She brought her friends to this place after I introduced it to her and she told me that she love the food very much. Hehe. Am so proud of myself. Haha. Okay, new rule. Whoever who wanted to try this place must bring me along okay :)


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