Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pavillion’s Madam Kwan – best service

Me and Calvin visited Madam Kwan for dinner during fasting month and we were surprised that besides having good food, all of their waiters and waitresses are very polite and professional. No doubt that we have to wait for quite long for a vacant table, but it was all worth it.

First, I think most of their waiters and waitresses are Muslims. It was near the buka puasa time but yet they still work very hard and professionally serving food all around the restaurant. Seriously, I have never been to a restaurant where all of their waiters and waitresses are very professional.



Even Calvin can’t stop smiling with their good service. Haha.



Calvin ordered their nasi lemak. Really good. Maybe could be better if they did not gave him chicken breast because he’s not a big fan of chicken breast. But I am because there will be nearly no bone at chicken breast area. Haha.



Me being sick (sore throat, flu and feverish) have to settle which shredded chicken noodle with mushroom. Both of us love their noodle because it’s not overly salty or anything. Just right and springy.



Our dessert. Really white right? Haha. He had cendol while I ordered the sago which gula melaka. I absolutely love their gula melaka. Really thick and not too sweet. Very fragrant. I finished the whole cup of gula melaka by myself. Haha.


I’m am seriously amazed by the service that we received that night. No doubt that will visit this outlet again. I think the outlet at Mid Valley service is quite bad. Hence, the one at Pavillion should receive a prize or something. Haha.


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