Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Cup Chicken Restaurant

There’s this place called Three Cup Chicken just at Taman Muda. I love three cup chicken, especially the one from Taiwan because they will put this leaf which is absolutely fragrant. Me like :) We went home after work one day and realised that mom did not cook dinner. So I suggested this place since I know my parents will never eat at a restaurant that they have never been to and was not recommended by their friends. My only chance to try a stranger restaurant will be with Calvin :)

 IMAG0062 This is Calvin, busy with his phone. Currently we are playing this game on our phone call Alchemy where we can combine materials into new things. It’s really interesting. They have 300 elements and so far we managed to unlock 285 elements. Hehe. Smart right? *evil laugh*



IMAG0065 Our dinner for the night. Chicken floss and century egg with tofu, three cup chicken and green vegetable. The tofu combination tasted a little bit weird for me. The weird taste didn’t seemed to bother Calvin though, as he’s a big fan of tofu. Hehe. The three cup chicken was quite good. I think the leaves that I mentioned earlier are basil leaves. Now I know where to go if I want three cup chicken for dinner. Hehe. But I will not order the weird tofu again. Maybe something normal, like omelet or something. Haha.


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