Saturday, October 30, 2010

MOF & Shabu Shabu Train

I forgot to blog about the pre-birthday-dinner of Calvin’s!!! We went to Pavillion to collect his surprise and since it was still early, we went to MOF for something light because I was very hungry at that time. We shared this mango ice cream thingy with jelly a the bottom.



Exif_JPEG_PICTURE                                              The mango ice cream was really good. The jelly at the bottom is some kind of healthy food where it actually benefits your health. I read it from the menu. I have no idea why do I love to read menu so much. Whenever we are in a restaurant, I will request for a menu to be left on our table after ordering. I just love to read what other food that they have and maybe plan for the next visit’s food, if they are really good. Hehe. I have been to this place before with TW previously where I comment their mango’s dessert has a stale taste, as in the fishy taste. I know it’s weird but I have a weakness in describing taste okay. Let’s not start with empty cupboard taste :p

Talking about ice cream, there’s this place in Berjaya Times Square call Shabu Shabu Train that serves Japanese and Shabu Shabu. We went there for dinner after work. It was raining that day, so the first thing that never fails that come to my mind will be steamboat. Hehe. I love steamboat very much, and it’s driving TW crazy because I always request for steamboat for my birthday dinner with the girls. Hahaha.






IMAG0052They have mini stoves on each table for the shabu shabu, which can be pushed to one side if you are not in the mood for shabu shabu. There are a few wagons on each side of the restaurant with plates of things that you can add on to your shabu shabu. The coloured plates represent the price of the food. They have everything, from processed fishballs to vegetables, noodle, egg, seafood and meat.






IMAG0059Our dinner for that night. I ordered the shabu shabu set with tom yam soup. Calvin ordered the chicken rice set which comes with California roll and ice cream.  The shabu shabu was okay but the sauces were not really good. The green chilli paste from Pulau Ketam will always be my number 1 sauce for steamboat. Hehe. Calvin said his chicken rice was okay but the rice was a little bit cold. The ice cream was quite good and I finished most of the ice cream myself. There goes my diet plan. Hehe *shy*

I am super hungry now, have to go buy/make my lunch. That’s all for now.


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