Monday, November 1, 2010

Asahi – 2nd Round

Visited Asahi again last week when Calvin said he wanted Japanese dinner. There is only 2 Japanese Restaurant in Times Square; Kiku Sakura and Asahi. Since Asahi is nearer to the car park, we choose Asahi over Kiku Sakura. Hehe. I was quite full that day, so I did not order a full set for myself.




On the other hand, Calvin was extremely hungry that day. He ordered Chicken Teriyaki set, 2 Unagi sushi and 1 salmon sushi. Since he ordered so much, I just order the normal temaki without avocado :) His chicken teriyaki was so-so. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. As usual, the chawan mushi and miso soup are mine to enjoy. Hehe. I had a piece of the Unagi sushi and it was just okay. But the temaki was quite good, especially the eggs all around the rice. Super crunchy. There was a thin layer of mayonnaise at the bottom of the plate, so I used it as “glue” to make sure I savour each and every egg :) Something that crunchy and fresh should not be wasted just like that. Hehe.

Anyway, I may reconsider visiting this restaurant again because I think it’s quite expensive. The sushi does not come in pairs. They are priced individually. Furthermore, their food wasn’t that great for the expensive price tag. I rather spend the same amount of money at Hajime, which reminds me I still have the RM10 voucher from the last visit. Let’s not waste the voucher, Calvin :p *hint hint*


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