Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 4 – Lion Monument, Bucherer and mountain :)


Day 4 started early as well. First destination will be the Lion Monument which was carved to the wall in remembrance of those Swiss Guards that were sacrificed during the war. Sun was up but still kind of cold.



Below the lion are names of the Swiss Guards that were sacrificed during the revolutionary masses attack on the French King Louis XVI. But some do criticise the monument as they said the lion’s face look too humane and the tail of the lion is as long as the body of the line. Whatever it is, I think this is a beautiful and peaceful place to remember those that were killed.



The pond in front of the lion that has a lot of coins in it. Wishing pond eh :p


After that, we headed to a shop which I forgot the name for watches shopping. I don’t wear watches so I joined sis and Brandon koko for tea and cake. Most yummy cake ever!!





The strawberry pie and cake were amazing. Can’t get enough of them. The strawberries were really sweet and fresh. Wish that they have this shop in KL. Hehe.



Another cute dog who was really obedient and pretty. Bf candidate of Baby :) Hehe


After that, we headed to Bucherer. This is a shopping complex that sells Rolex watches and other branded goods. As usual, I followed sis and Brandon koko walk around the other shops near Bucherer.

 RIMG0418 - Copy


Part of the things that we passed by. Hehe. The streets are filled with shops selling clothing like H&M, Levi’s and others. Did not buy any clothing for myself as don’t really like their style there. Just walk around and did some window shopping. Hehe.


After that, we headed to a mountain which I forgot the name. We have to take a cable car up the mountain to enjoy the view of Switzerland.



RIMG0425 - Copy

RIMG0428 - Copy

RIMG0429 - Copy

RIMG0430 - Copy

RIMG0431 - Copy


 RIMG0433 - Copy

RIMG0439 - Copy

Can you believe that I actually climb the stairs up to the top. There are about nearly 100 uneven steps which will bring you to the tip of the mountain. It’s really windy and cold up there. No to mention sunny as well. After that, we went down the mountain and went back to the Bucherer area for more shopping.




Tired of walking and a little bit hungry, we went into McD. Brandon koko bought this burger which consist of chicken fillet and bacon. Quite yummy but the size is really big. Haha.


RIMG0446 - Copy

Spotted a pink Vespa on the way back to the bus. Really pretty. I want one. Will add it to my pink collection. Haha.


That night’ we stayed at Waldegg hotel which is very near to Lake Lucerne and situated between mountains. Our room is at the basement level where our room is actually half of the land height. Bad thing about this is there is no wind coming into the room at night and there’s no aircond in the room. Others said it’s freezing at night but both me and mum slept without our blanket. Mum even complaint of sweating. Haha.




Our room. Looked really old style. Something funny happened that night. After dinner, mum stayed in the dining area to talk with her friends while I followed sis and Brandon koko back to our rooms. On the way back, sis and Brandon koko decided to go out for a walk. Me being really tired and lazy decided to go back to my room alone. I was packing my bag when the lights in my room started to flicker. Initially I thought it was my eyes who are really tired at that time. Suddenly the room went pitch black. I grabbed the keys and ran out of the room to lift area. The emergency light at that lift area was on and there’s a sofa there. Luckily the people next to my room came out from their room as well. Seeing people around me calm me down a little. After that, the electricity came back and I went back to my room. Initial plan to bathe was cancelled and I held on to the room key very tightly. If the electricity went off again, I will run out as soon as possible. It’s really scary cause it’s really dark. Luckily mum returned to the room after that and I told her everything. After being called silly, I went to take my bathe peacefully. Haha. After my Taiwan trip, I’m really scared of being alone in one place that I don’t know. Hehe.



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