Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 7 – London Bridge, Buckingham Palace & Big Ben

Day 7 will be at England where we took the Eurostar.




Getting through the custom was nerve wrecking because there is a possibility that they will not allow you into to take the train to England because they are worried that you might go there to work illegally. In my tour there were 2 guys who are going there to work illegally. Luckily, all of us managed to pass through the custom successfully. Eurostar is actually a bullet train that can bring us from Paris to England through the underground tunnel built under the sea in 2 hours.




We are lucky as they gave us 4 seats together with a table in between. The over head compartments are big enough for our luggage. Under it is another compartment for smaller bags. Naissee.




2 hours later, we’re in England. When I got off the train, I was surprised to see the amount of passengers on the same train as me. Besides tourist, there were businessman as well. The tourist said some of them took the train daily to England for meetings and work. Cool :) No traffic jam. Me like :)

We headed to China Town for lunch first. The food at China Town are definitely better than anywhere else :)




Along the way, I noticed that England is very famous with their stage play. There’s a lot of stage play everywhere all along the road. I guess people here have the benefit of going to the cinema and also for a musical stage play. If we have more time, I would have purchased a ticket and watch the most famous one :P










China town…. well full of Chinese people and restaurant. I felt like walking along streets of Hong Kong. Hehe. Chinese restaurant with roasted goose, duck and pork on the front to attract customers in. There’s even a restaurant that serves Malaysia & Singapore cuisine for those who craved for homeland food. Hehe. There are also groceries stores where you can buy Maggi noodle as well. Hehe.


After dinner, we walked around a while.












There’s a very short walk of fame nearby Chinatown but I don’t know most of the names there. I think one of them is the old man in Lord of The Rings. The one with white long hair and riding the white horse and wearing the long white robe with the long white tongkat. Hehe. That one. I guess…. Or is he the orang jahat with black long robe? Hmmm… No idea. Ohh, there’s Bruce Willis as well. Along the way, there are shops selling theatre tickets. Some in package. Ahhh…. me want!!



The red telephone booth is one of the symbolic representative of England. It’s hard to find one in Malaysia but it’s everywhere in England. But I love the one in black more as …. I don’t know. Maybe my wardrobe is full of black colour clothes. Haha. But I forgot to take a photo INSIDE the telephone booth. I wonder if the telephone is dial or button ones.






While walking around Chinatown, I stumbled upon this delicious looking crepe shop (with a cute and pretty shop assistant as well). From outside, there are varieties of crepe to choose from. I choosed the banana and kiwi one with chocolate ice cream. Seriously, this can’t be a dessert. I cannot finish the whole thing. It should be either a lunch or dinner. Damn filling but nice weh…. hehe.






There are a lot of cute vehicles on the street. There’s the black cab, red cab, double decker bus and lots of mini coopers. Me want 1 please :p The black and red cabs might look old but it’s really spacious inside. Passengers have plenty of leg compartment and each seats come with a safety seat belt. As for the bus, well, I didn’t have a chance to board one. Especially the one without the top. But there are double decker bus in Singapore, so I can always go there.



While shopping around Chinatown, stumbled into these. Wanted to buy one for Vince but I have no idea how to take it home. It will take up a lot of space in my luggage bag, which by the way, on the way back is filled with souvenirs.





After that, we headed to the Big Ben, which is the famous clock tower. Nearby the clock tower is a place where peace protesters set up their camps to protest against …. war against Iran I guess. I can’t really see their banner. But I know one thing for sure, they wanted world peace. No kidding. Anyway, beside the Big Ben is a huge church. Really beautiful but due to time factor, we are unable to go into the church. I have never been to a big church before.







After that, we headed to the Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Queen. It’s really big. In front of the golden and heavy gate, is a roundabout with fountain in the middle. Cars can actually go in and take a round or once can walk around by foot. On certain month of the year, the palace is open for short tours but it’s not free. I guess it’s worth to pay a few pound to see how the Queen’s house looks like. She even have an art gallery at the back of her palace to store all her paintings. I wish to have a walk in wardrobe to store all my clothes and bags :) Not greedy at all right? But it would look better if it’s filled with my favourite bags right? Hehe.


After that, we headed to another famous landmark…. the London Bridge.


The London Bridge….



.. it this. Haha. Many thought that the London Bridge is the first photo but it’s actually the second photo. Who would have thought that the London Bridge is so plain looking right. The first photo is actually the Tower Bridge (if I’m not mistaken). There goes my childhood memories of London Bridge.





After the London Bridge tour, we headed for Fish & Chips dinner. Quite nice though. They gave us generous amount of tartar sauce. Me like. The apple pie was too cute to be eaten. There’s this apple logo on top of the pie. Mad cute!!


After that, we headed back to our hotel to rest and sleep.



Check out the huge buttons of the telephone!! Really big. I think it’s suitable for old people like my grandfather and daddy. Haha. The good thing about England is I can finally watch the tv where I could understand the language. Haha. There’s even a speaker in the toilet where you can actually watch tv while doing big business on the toilet bowl. Damn nice.

The next day, I visited a place that I never thought I will go in my entire life!!!


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