Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grand Imperial Restaurant

There’s this newly opened shopping complex near Calvin’s place called Empire. Went there for see see and look look one day with Calvin and have our brunch there. On the lower ground level, there’s a few restaurants where some of it I have never dine before. Feeling really oriental that day, so informed Calvin that I wanted Chinese food. Stumbled on The Grand Imperial Restaurant and went in for our brunch.

They have set lunch promotion. We ordered set lunch as it’s hard for the 2 of us to order ala carte with rice.



His honeydew juice and my green apple juice. Nothing special to comment about drinks. Hehe.




My curry chicken rice that comes with taugeh. Haha. Well, I would prefer to have more curry gravy. Taste wise, not bad. The taugeh reminds me of those that you eat along with those expensive shark fin soup. Haha. Really white and slim.



His special sauce pork chop rice with fried egg. I think it tasted like “pai kuat wong”. Haha. I think it’s a little too dry to eat with white rice. Kesian him…



I ordered fried wantan as well. Spotted this on their menu at dim sum section. Haha. Really good as it was served hot and went well with the salad sauce. Me like :)

They serve barbecued meat as well like char siew and siew yok. Did not order any as there were only 2 of us at that time.

I am unable to finish my rice. Actually I managed to eat half of the rice given only. The lady captain came over and asked me is it the rice too hard or anything wrong. I was in shocked and replied “No, no, no. It’s just that I cannot finish the rice only”. Really pai seh.

More food entry coming soon. The folders are piling up in my photo album. Ahh…. happy :)



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