Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 8 & 9 – Arsenal, Harrods & Goodbye!!

Day 8 is my most memorable of all time. People who know me might buy lottery if they know where I have been.






Yes yes yes. I went to Arsenal Stadium. Me, world’s noob people when it comes to football/soccer, visited Arsenal Stadium. Me. Ho Yick Hui. Haihhh…. Brandon koko wanted to go there and it’s the first place to go before shopping. How can I say no? Furthermore, it may be a little too early for shopping though. Hehe. Anyway, we walked around the stadium and went into the Arsenal shop and bought some stuff. The only thing that I bought was the bottled water with Arsenal sticker on it because I’m really thirsty at that time. Brandon koko bought baby clothes for his future baby. Damn sai lei right.





They have absolutely everything in Arsenal. From jersey to toaster. A jersey costs around RM 80 plus I think and they have female sizes as well. But the baby clothes are really cute. So cute that I wanted to ask sis to get a pair for each design. Hehe. And the Arsenal toaster… Too bad I don’t know any friends who are Arsenal lunatic, or else I might consider getting him the toaster. Hehe.


After that, we took the train to Chinatown for lunch again.




We ordered Hokkien Fried Rice, some noodles and roasted meats. So-so only!!! Maybe the prawns were fresh but that’s all. Haha. I think the Hokkien Fried Rice doesn’t match the real product because it’s only white rice topped with fried seafood and vegetables. Hehe.


After lunch, we headed to Harrods for more shopping. This is the first time I heard of the place but sis said that the bags made of cloth that can be used as shopping bag to replace plastic bags are sold at KLCC at quite a high price. I bought 2 for myself. One is pink in colour with cupcakes all over it. Really cute. The other one is my shopping bag with cars and roads on it which Calvin can carry for me when I go shopping. Hehe.

Talking about Harrods, they have nearly everything. From branded goods, really branded goods that I have never heard of to horse riding equipment like the saddle and long boots. Damn sai lei. They even have a pet section where dogs and cats are treated literally like a family member.


This is actually a small bed for the dogs. With comforter, pillows and teddy bear as sleeping companion. OH MY GOD! I guess all the rich people and celebrity shop here because they can get absolutely everything here. Really class and sophisticated.

After shopping, we wanted to go home but it started to rain. So we went into a cafe for drinks and pastries while waiting for the rain to stop.




Yummy tarts and warm hot chocolate for me. It’s hard to find awful tarts that are not delicious in Europe I guess. Their fruits are absolutely juicy and fresh, unlike the one in Malaysia. I wanna live there and eat tarts everyday!! Haha.


Sis at one of the entrance of Harrods. I love this mall very much. Their Harrods products are really cute. Teddy bear is their mascot. You can find teddy bear in almost anything, including cookies. Hehe.

We headed back to the hotel and slept like a pig. I was really tired that day that I woke up 2 hours later feeling really hungry and went to sis’s room for dinner. After that, I headed back to my room again and slept until the next morning.

Our flight home on day 9 was around 7 in the evening. So we woke up early morning and went back to Harrods again for last minute shopping. This time really bought a lot of stuff and cookies. Hehe. Mum went to Madame Tussade museum.
















She met a lot of movie stars and famous people around the world. Some of them look really real. Especially the monk. Haha. I thought that’s a monk visiting the museum like mum but then I realised that it’s a wax figure cause impossible my mum suddenly snapped a photograph of some random monk, right? Haha.



This is us at the hotel lobby. All happy and ready to go home with our stuffs. Happy happy.




Meals on the plane. Not as yummy as the breakfast but then I really can’t complain when the air stewardess gave me the whole can of Pepsi. But the bad thing about the flight home was the entertainment was exactly the same as the flight to Amsterdam. Most of the movie I have watched even before at KL. So the flight back to KL was kind of boring for me but I get to sleep more this time due to exhaustion. Haha.

Reached the airport and received my Pooh hug from Calvin :) Feels really good to be by his side all over again and talked non stop about the trip on the way home.

That’s the end of my Europe trip. It’s really a happy trip. I hope that I can visits other parts of Europe again in the future with Calvin. Wanted to go Italy and Venice and maybe Paris again (for more shopping) cause Calvin will be able to take more photographs of this beautiful city. I really hope to visit one of the many museum around the city. I came back for priceless memories of Europe and well… bagsss. Haha.

Next post onwards will be about all the food that I had after coming back from Europe. The folders are piling up. Can’t wait to introduce the most high class Thai Restaurant that I have ever been to.


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