Thursday, July 1, 2010

Europe Day 2 – Manneken Pis and Chocolate!!

Woke up really in the morning. Packed the luggage nicely the night before. Headed to the hotel restaurant for american breakfast. Yummy bacon and apple juice. Hehe. After breakfast, we boarded the bus again and headed to Brussels, Belgium :)



This is their highway. Very wide. I noticed that they have a lot of long trucks along the road. But according to our tour guide, the drivers in Europe have a book to record down the number of hours that they have driven that day. They cannot drive more than certain amount of hours or they might get into trouble and lose their driving license. That’s a good practise as they won’t have driver that drove long hours on the road which may put their life and other driver’s life in danger.

Okay. Enough about road and drivers. Haha.

First stop was photo session at the Atomium.


Atomium is a monument build for the Brussel’s World Fair. Each spheres are actually exhibit halls and public spaces. How do one travel from one spheres to the other? In the tubes that connect the spheres are escalators that one can take from spheres to the other. It may look like a small monument, but believe me, it’s huge!!! Haha.

After the photo session, we headed to the town area for Chinese lunch.







Along the way, we passed by rows after rows after building. Their streets are very straight and they have lanes for bicycles as well. Cars are parked at the side of the road.



This is the Chinese Restaurant where we had our lunch. I think this restaurant serves the best Chinese food on our whole trip. It may be very small inside but it’s in 2 or 3 storeys. The toilets are usually on the lower ground floor. Hehe.

After lunch, we walked to The Grand Place. It’s actually a square surrounded by guildhalls, City Town’s halls and there’s a statue which brings luck to anybody who touches it.


Love the road. It’s very pretty. But could be damaging to cars. Hehe.



These are the Guild Halls built by the city’s guilds. They have beautiful statues on the building.





Some of them are covered by gold. They must be really rich people eh :p




This is the Town Hall. Noticed that the left side is shorter than the right side? The proportion is imbalance. Why?



This lane needs to be built. Hence the architect needs chop off the left side of his design to make way for this lane. Due to critics from the people which he was unable to stand, he jumped off from the tower one day. Kesian right. Not even his fault. Tsk tsk tsk.



This is the statue that will bring good luck to those who touch it. I did not waste the opportunity and touched the statue as well. Hehe.

After that, we walked to Manneken Pis. It’s actually a statue of the little boy peeing. It has been a symbol of Belgium that important people from all over the world that visit Belgium will bring along a pair of their national costume for the Manneken Pis. Initially, the statue will put on the costume for 3 days. After that, it will be put on the statue again during the country’s national day. Like for Malaysia, the statue will be wearing our national costume on 31 August every year. In front of the statue is a board which will inform which country’s costume that the statue is wearing on that particular day. One will be lucky to see the statue in it’s original form.



On the day we arrived, it’s actually Georgia’s national day. Hence the statue was wearing the Georgia’s national costume. Cute right?? Hehe.


Near the statues, there are 2 shops selling waffles.


Looks very delicious right? Hehe. Their strawberries are huge and really sweet. Me likey.


We shared the one with bananas and strawberries. It’s absolutely yummy. The melted chocolate was not too sweet, just nice.




After that, we went chocolate shopping and bought truffles. Highly recommended by me :)


After that, we boarded the bus again and went to Germany. We reached the hotel during dinner time.




I forgot the name of the hotel but it’s quite big and comfortable.


I think the Grand Place is really beautiful. It’s a really big square with beautiful buildings surrounding it. During spring, the square will be covered by flowers for exhibition. Hope can see it one day. Hehe.


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