Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 5 – Wine, White Church & Blinking Tower

Woke up extremely early on Day 5 as unable to sleep well. Probably due to the face that it’s quite warm in the room without air conditioner. Explored the hotel a bit, especially the lift.


There are 2 lifts in the lobby. Both are green in colour and with a really heavy door. There’s a glass in the middle so that you will be able to see if is there anybody inside the lift.



When you want to take the lift, there is only one button to press. No up or down. Just “LIFT”.




When you press the button, the light of the button will be turned on, which is an indication that you have successfully press the button of the “LIFT”.



When you see a big box with the light on meaning the lift has reach your level. Open the green door. Oh, I tired to open the door when the lift is not at my level, sure enough the door cannot be opened. Haha. Anyway, when the lift arrives, open the door and you will be greeted by a small lift.



The buttons are as above. Just press the level that you wish to go and the lift will move to that destination. If you did not push any button when you are in the lift, then it will not move. That’s the end of my lift adventure. It is exactly like the ancient lift in Hong Kong that we often see in the movie. Hehe.


Another thing to explore will be…


… the key chain of the room key which look more like paper weight. Haha. It is really quite heavy. I guess it serves as a reminder or assurance that the room key is with you. Haha.



The name of the hotel that we stayed in. This has to be the worst hotel for the whole trip. Haha.


After breakfast, we packed our bags into the bus and headed to a wine yard for wine tasting.





RIMG0488  RIMG0490



We went down to the basement to taste a few types of wine. I absolutely don’t like wine because all of them are bitter and sour at the same time. So I just walked around and snapped photos about random stuff. But I found the last 2 photos very interesting though. The glass shape thingy actually is a “jug” that can be used to temporarily store and pour wine into the wine glass. It’s really huge. Like the size of the small round glass aquarium. Haha.


After that, we headed to Paris, the city of love. This has to be the most beautiful city for the whole trip but the streets are very beautiful. Most of the buildings and monuments are very beautiful.


Moulin Rouge!!! Wooohoooo….. It’s very beautiful. Hope to see the show one day. Hehe.



The exit of the MRT. Certain stations what different fonts for the word Metropolitan. It’s because French people are very artistic. Haha.

We walked up a hill to visit the White Church. The way up to the mountain is a challenging exercise, well at least for me.






One can walk up the hill or take the train up. The way up is more than 100 steps. Pushed myself really hard to reach the top of the hill, that once I’m on top I could feel that both of my legs are burning. Haha. On top, we walked around the artist area first where we could see artist drawing black and white portrait of people. Some are really good though.



In Paris, it’s very common to find cars park very near to each other. Bumper to bumper. It’s because they have very limited car parks. Most of their cars are hunch back so that it will be easier to park their cars. Like the scene in Mr Bean series, the driver will reverse the car until it knocks lightly on the car behind and drive in front until it knocks the car at the front and back and front till the car can come out from the parking space. Haha. 




The white church. Really pretty and amazing place.





I forgot the name of the building. But it’s really pretty. I think it serves as the opera house now. Or is it the museum? Really no idea. Haha.


RIMG0562The Lourve!! It’s very very pretty when you see it at night as they have turn on the light.  



Present from the king of …. Egypt? I really forgot. Haha. Short term memory loss :p



This is the most beautiful arch that I have ever seen. We drove around it and each side was carved beautifully. After visiting Paris, I am very interested to learn about the all the secrets and the true meaning of all the monuments. Like Da Vinci Code and The Symbol. Arghh, I haven’t buy the book yet. Damn….


After that, we went to visit one of the most symbolic structure of Paris.



The Eiffel Tower. We viewed it from far for the first night in Paris because it will light up every hour after the sun set. It’s really beautiful when you view it from far. Love it so much, from far. Haha. After ooh-ing and aah-ing at the blinking tower, we headed back to the hotel and call it a day.



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