Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 not good steamboat within 1 month :(

Steamboat has always been my favourite of all time. My dream steamboat combination will be Ho Ho’s steamboat fresh ingredient, Coco Hot Pot’s pork bone soup and friend yam with Pulau Ketam Steamboat’s green chilli. Wooohooooo!!! That will be my ultimate steamboat meal :)

Tried 2 different steamboat restaurant over the month and it’s not good at all.

First one will be Hotpot Garden Restaurant. It’s a newly opened shop at the new shops facing the road near the 2nd roundabout at Taman Muda.


They have a few sets where the seafood and special sets are more expensive than the normal one. We ordered the normal one cause by the volume of customers they have, I highly doubt that their ingredients will be very fresh. It is not worth paying the a big sum for not fresh seafood right? I did not regret my decision as the items are not very fresh at all. They don’t have much varieties of steamboat items though.


IMAG0207Feeling a little bit hungry, I ordered fried chicken wings. It was just normal.

The chilli that they have is the watery green chilli in sweet and sour sauce. It’s the same chilli that can be found at the Teochew Braised Duck restaurant near Leisure Mall. Seriously, I cannot find any better chilli than the green chilli at Pulau Ketam Steamboat. Wuu wuu wuu.


The next not good steamboat restaurant will be Potluck Restaurant at Sunway Giza.


Giza Mall is a newly opened mall that looks like Clarke Quay in Singapore. But it is filled by mostly restaurant instead of clubs and pubs. Hehe. Read about this in one of the food magazine and decided to give it a try.

I don’t really like this place is because….


Their sauces don’t go well with the steamboat items. Most of them are over spicy even if you take them in small amount. I can hardly taste the fishball or meat ball after that. Besides that, their waitress are very forgetful. When they brought us the bowls and chopsticks, they didn’t brought along the steel ladle (with and without holes) for us to take out steamboat items. So I asked them to bring 2 pairs for us a few times but still no show. I gave up and just used what they gave me for the entire meal.



Their style is individual hot pot on the side at each seat. In the restaurant, there will be a conveyor belt with steamboat items on it. We choose to sit outside because it is more windy outside compared to the stuffy inside even though it’s air conditioned. Calvin choose the ginseng soup while I ordered tomyam soup. The only good about this restaurant will be the ginseng soup as it’s really yummy. The tomyam soup was very sour.


IMAG0223  IMAG0221


We ordered the set for 2 person. The items came in those old chinese basket where the upper portion were filled with processed meats and others while the lower portion were filled with beehun, abalone mushroom and tauhoo. The fishballs were very stale that we did not finish them. I would still prefer steamboat with yee mee though.

Seriously, I think the boss really need to reduce the spiciness of their sauce cause it’s really too spicy. If you make it too spicy, people will just take a plate of it and eat very little of it. Such as waste. I really hope to go again but if there is no changes in the sauce, I really won’t go there anymore. Not to mention the prices are much higher than the one outside. If the food is good, I don’t mind paying. But with such quality, I’m afraid that it will be difficult for me to go there again.


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