Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shi Fu Wantan Mee …. Haiyaaaaaaa

There was one time when I will have this sudden craving for wan tan mee. But then when it’s time to decide what to eat and Calvin mention wan tan mee, I’m not interested anymore. Haha.

As we were driving around and round at Taman Segar, we passed by this old chinese themed restaurant called Shi Fu Wantan Mee. Feeling really hungry and it’s getting late, we decided to give this shop a try. Who knows, we might come out as Ip Man :p


IMAG0153Everything inside is old style chinese decoration like those that you can see in the movie. They have red lanterns in the shop. The partition between the kitchen and the restaurant is made of wood. On the tv is really old kung fu movie which I have no idea who is in it. Haha.



The have a few types of wantan mee. But there are 2 interesting noodles in the menu. The World Spiciest Pan Mee and Second Spiciest Pan me. Haha. I did not order any of them although I would really like to try. I guess they used those really hot chilli oil to make them spicy. But how to judge between the World Spiciest and the Second Spiciest? Haha. Funny names :p



I ordered the old style wantan mee with char siew. There is a funny taste of the oil which I don’t really like. I don’t know how to describe how it tasted like but it’s really funny tasting. I would rate this average wantan mee that I have ever tasted.



My wantans were quite good. I can’t remember what were the fillings but shouldn’t be horrible ingredients as I finished all the wantans :p Ohh, check out the amount of spring onions they gave me. Happy betul :p



Calvin ordered rice. Char siew with minced meat. Seriously, I don’t really fancy their char siew because it’s totally lean meat and don’t have the sticky outer later. I would prefer if their char siew has little fat in it to make it not so dry.



Red bean soup with sago. Love it. Not to sweet and generous amount of sago. It is not too thick either. I don’t really enjoy thick dessert especially red bean. I prefer it to be slightly watery.

Overall, the food was so so but it’s not too bad. I have yet to blog about the bad food that I have tasted to far. But there were times when me and Calvin are lucky enough to enjoy really yummy food :) Will blog about all of them really soon :)


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