Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Calvin’s favourite Pineapple Fried Rice

By the time I blog about this place, me and Calvin has already visited this place twice. That is because Calvin is going crazy for their pineapple fried rice. I can’t blame him because I find it very nice as well. The name of the place is Very Thai, near to the cashiers of Cold Storage supermarket.



It may look normal and simple but believe us, it’s really damn good. Not too spicy or too sour. We have been there twice and it tasted really good on both visits. Quality management well done, I must say. It’s really fragrant. I have never seen Calvin like something (besides me) so much that he was asking for it the following week.



On my first visit, I ordered tom yum bee hun. It’s really good as well. Suitable for Calvin as it was not overly spicy or sour. Appreciate the generous amount of seafood they gave me. Me like :)



On my second visit, I ordered Thai version of char kuey teow. I had something similar in Phuket but the one in Very Thai is just as good. It’s not too watery or too dry. Why everything about this restaurant have to be so perfect?? Arghh….



Calvin’s dessert, which I don’t like initially. But he loves to order this at Thai Restaurant. Which made me fell in love with it as well. But I won’t really order one for myself because sometimes I find it too sweet. But the red rubies were too cute to say no to. Me like as well.



The tag line of the restaurant on the paper napkin. I really love this place very much. I think the chef is from Thailand. Seriously, next time if you are in Times Square, do check this place out and try Calvin’s favourite Pineapple Fried Rice.


Will try to update about Universal Studio Singapore really soon.



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