Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nambawan is my Number 1 place for western pork :)

I have this habit reading news from The Star Online every morning in the office before starting work. At least I will be updated with the current and biggest news here and around the world. I will click to Kuali page once every week to read about the food review. I even tried those being reviewed on the site with Calvin on several occasion. Most of it are really good.

Nambawan is one of the restaurant being reviewed. What attracted me most about this place was it serves pork. It’s kind of hard to find pork being served in western style. I told Calvin about this place and decided to check this place out before sending me home. It is located in Taman Sri Manja, somewhere near Sunway and Old Klang Road. I have been to that area before for Sathiya baby’s full moon.



I have to read the name of the restaurant several times before realising the resemblance of the name with Number 1. Hehe. They have several porky dishes. Both of us were still quite full that day and decided to order the one that sounded the best.


IMAG0225We ordered Charbroiled Pork Belly. Pork belly has to be the most moist meat for the whole piggy as it has fat contents. Hehe. We did not regret out choice because it’s really good. The pork went well with their gravy. Their potatoes were really good as well. Really happy with this dish.

But if we were to visit the place again, we will go at night because it’s really hot inside of the restaurant. I think they did not turn on the air conditioner that day but the pork belly compensated the discomfort. Hehe.


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