Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Room 18 Again :)

Room 18 is one of the place that serves really good chinese food. At least better than Canton Bay. Haha. Their outlet in Mid Valley is always full with people. They have an outlet in Times Square as well. So me and Calvin went there for dinner after work one day. 



The free Malay kueh that they gave us. I think it tasted kind of like those kueh that is red, white and pink colour that was used for praying purposes. “Fatt Kou”.

They have set meals again. I kind of like set meals nowadays where the 2 of us can share our food and we get to try varieties of yummies. Besides that, we don’t have to crack out head to choose what we want to eat. Just have to choose from the selected choices given :p



What attracted us the most in the set meal was we get to choose roasted items that we want. I’m always a big fan of duck so we ordered roast duck. It may be a little bit dry and cold but not bad either. Still acceptable.



Our wantan soup where the soup was absolutely sweet. Haha.



Our spinach soup with century egg and tiny fishes. Haha. I have no idea what it is called in english. I would love this more if it was served hot.



When there is Calvin, tauhu is a must because he loves tauhu. I love this dish as well because it was served hot. I love white and Japanese tauhu only. Hehe. But he, he loves all kind of tauhu. As long as it is tauhu. Hehe.

Overall, Room 18 is one of those chinese restaurant that I really love. The roast duck and meat are fast selling items. The first time I went to the Mid Valley outlet for dinner, all of the roast items were sold out. Luckily managed to try the duck this time. Hehe.


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