Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sek Hou at Times Square



Sek Hou is a chinese restaurant near the GSC cinema in Times Square. Me and Calvin often passed by this restaurant on the way to the car park after dinner but we never actually dine at this restaurant before. It looks kind of small from the outside.

One day, when we ran out of idea on what to eat for dinner, I suggested this place and decided to check out the menu first before deciding whether should we dine in. The menu looks kind of interesting as most of the dishes are quite new to both of us. So dine in it is :)



You can see these steel menu stand on each table. Really creative. Maybe I should make one with my name to put my stuff. Hehe.



Our drinks. It is a good thing that the both of us like the same drink. There was once when I asked him to get a drink so that the both of us could share but I can’t decide on what to drink. So I asked him to make decision. As soon as he left, I suddenly wanted to drink soya bean. Haha. Surprisingly, he came back with soya bean!! Wooohoooo. But I ordered my forbidden drink of all time, watermelon juice, that night. Well, it’s still a few weeks away from “the day”. Hehe.


IMAG0243Whenever you see unagi in my blog, 99% is ordered by him. I love unagi very much as well. Since he never fails to order unagi, I can focus on some other food that I like as well. According to him, his cheese baked unagi rice was really good. Well, as usual, anything cheese bake is not my type. Hehe.   




My pork rice. Cooked in 2 different way but presented together. It looked totally different from the menu but then tasted quite nice as well. It may look like some rojak pork dish but it is actually not as bad as it look. Haha.

I think this place serves mongolion style food, hence my food was a little bit spicy. But I love spicy food, so it’s okay for me. Hehe.


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