Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rama V

Rama V is a Thai restaurant near to the US Embassy which me and Calvin visited for Thai food. Read a few good reviews about this place and had a tough time locating this place. Since I was being really mysterious and secretive about this place, we ended up at the end of the road in a really rich kampung rich where the houses are nearly the size of those in Tropicana. Hehe. We were lucky that day as Citibank cardholder enjoy 20% discounts



The entrance of the restaurant. It is actually on a bungalow lot where there are plenty of parking spaces. The whole restaurant was decorated really Thai-ish and expensive.



Our candle light dinner in a Thai restaurant.



The interior of the restaurant. It’s exactly like those expensive western restaurant. I have never been to a place as expensive as this for Thai food. Ohh yeah, I have been. Will blog about it soon :) But this place is really good as well.




They have out door individual small huts for more privacy as well. I am not really an outdoor person especially at night where they will be plenty of mosquitoes. Hehe. But it is really pretty out there.


We order one set meal for 1 person and additional food to share it between the 2 of us since the both of us were not that hungry that day. The dinner set was absolutely yummy. Hehe. Me like. From appetizer to dessert :)



Our appetizer. Chicken cooked in some sweet sauce, served together with rice crackers. Absolutely yummy. The chicken is a little bit too sweet, so eating it together with the rice crackers is a must. Both me and Calvin love this.


IMAG0197This will be stir fried egg with basil leaves and chilli. Spicy but yummy as well. Even Calvin who don’t really fancy sour food love this as well. Hehe.


Our seafood tomyum. Really good. Not too spicy or too sour. The seafood ingredients were quite fresh as well. They gave us a lot of coriander leaves which made me really happy. Hehe.



The rest of the food. Pandan chicken our side order and it’s really yummy. I don’t really know how to describe the yummi-ness of the chicken but it is really yummy. Trust me in this please. Hehe. Green chicken curry was really yummy as well. It may be a little sweet but not really spicy. The black pepper fish was not really good. It is exactly like fried fish fillet with black pepper sauce. Hehe.



Our dessert. Sweet and cold. I finished the whole thing myself. Haha. I don’t really know what it is called but then the combination was absolutely yummy. Hehe.

In short, I really love this place because of the ambience and food. They have other selection of dessert as well. Some look really good. But then we were really full so will leave it for the next visit. Yes, will be back again!! Wooohoooo~~



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