Sunday, August 29, 2010

Revisitation for the yummy food sake :)

My current favourite place for pizza would be Kissaten, Domino’s and Papa John’s. Hence’ it’s no surprise that Calvin suggested Papa John’s for dinner one day. This time, we wanted to try the pizzas that we wanted to try, hence we ordered the smallest size for 2 pizzas. 



Tadaaaaaa… our cute looking pizzas. Haha. They are absolutely yummy and I’m glad we ordered the smallest size because it’s actually quite filling :)



Halfway through the dinner, the waiter suddenly brought us 2 sauces. The tomato paste and melted butter. We have no idea what they were for but then I don’t really mind extra tomato paste on my pizza :)


Besides pizza, Japanese food is one of my favourite food as well. I mean it’s healthy and yummy. It’s Calvin favourite as well. But my latest visit there, I ordered something that I won’t usually order.



This is Calvin’s sushi set. We’re quite full that day and ordered something light cause we don’t want to skip dinner. The prawn sushi may looked a little bit small, but it is actually two really skinny prawns put together on the same sushi. Hehe.



This is my dinner for the night. I cannot take raw food but I really wanted sushi. Hence, I ordered the one that I can eat. With cucumber that is. Hehe. But I still prefer Sushi Zanmai. I think the one is Gardens is the better one at 1U.


That’s all for now. It’s Sunday!!! And also time for my brunch. Hehe.


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