Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The New Street Cafe – Visit Number 2

Kimchiharu from Jaya One has actually made me love Korean Food even more, especially their nissin noddle, which I called them as Meh Ji Mee. Hehe. Somehow, I managed to influence Calvin because he suggested New Street Cafe for brunch over the weekend. Hehe.



IMAG0248 Calvin and his coffee thingy which was really interesting to play with. They served you the coffee and the ice separately. We have to wait for the coffee to drip from the steel upper compartment into the glass underneath it. At the bottom of the glass is a layer of sugar syrup. Once the process has finished, Calvin poured the hot coffee into the other glass that contains ice and wahhhlaaa…. milk tea. Haha. He said it tasted really good. Well, coffee is so not me.



I ordered a lunch back. Hey, it’s for brunch. What other better way to start the middle of the day with a lunch box. Haha. It’s actually a steel box. When you removed the cover,



Stir fried squid with sausages and egg, plus a cherry tomato on the right corner. Hehe. I love the Korean style stir fried squid. They usually used the wiggly arms/legs of the squid. Something new for me as I figured out that I should stop the Meh Ji Mee craze.



I called this Korean satay. Haha. It’s actually chicken meat with some yellow sauce on top of it. It’s not mustard. Something sweet and sour. Really nice but it’s already cold when reach our table. Could be better if it was still hot.



Calvin’s Meh Ji Mee which I loved. Something about the bronze pot that made the noodle more tasty. Haha. Anyway, I’m glad that Calvin enjoyed the noodle although he can’t really take super spicy food. One thing is for sure, his tolerance to spicy food has increased. Good news for me. Hehe.

I still love this place very much. They have one outlet in Sunway Pyramid. But I still prefer the one at Subang because they have this tv that has Korean MV on all the time. I really love looking at Korean and Japanese male singer because they are really fair and handsome. Me like :) Same like my charming Pooh bear :p


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