Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Jullian is one of my oldest friend. We have known each other since Standard 1. We practically went to the same primary, secondary, college, university and have been working together for nearly 1 year in the same office. Haha. On the last few days in AAN, he suggested to have lunch together before I leave. I agreed and Jullian took me and Siew Ling to this place not far from the office. Before leaving the office, I saw him checked this place out from Google. It was really nice of him to bring us to a new place. I guessed he read my blog and knew that I love to try out new places for food. Oh btw, hi Jullian, in case you are reading this. Hehe.


Kokopelli is actually a bungalow converted into restaurant/cafe. It is opened from lunch till dinner. They have this special picnic promo which is really cute. I saw it while waiting for Jullian to pay for the bill. Oh, the lunch was a treat from Jullian as well. Thank you very much!!



We found  this on the table behind us. It’s their own product but for us, it’s kind of expensive for biscuits. So I just took a photograph of it. Hehe.



Siew Ling’s seafood spaghetti. Check out the amount of seafood that they gave her. Really crazy. But Siew Ling said the spaghetti is actually not bad.



I ordered carbonara. The thing that kind of disappointed me regarding the spaghetti will be the type of umm… noodle that they used. It’s actually flat like those pan mee noodle. I prefer the one that is round and long, which I have no idea what it is called. Hehe. But taste wise, it’s really good.



But this has to be the best one among all 3. Jullian roasted chicken with ratatouille. It don’t actually look nice but when Jullian gave me some to taste, I was actually very surprised and jealous because it was really good :( another lesson learnt for not judging food from it’s appearance. Hehe.

When I reached home that night, I researched about this place a little bit more. I think it’s a good place for girls gathering as well. But it might be a little bit too pricy. But then once in a while, I think should be okay. Hehe.


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