Sunday, December 5, 2010

Annual Dinner and Kin Kin Pan Mee

Kin Kin pan mee is the first thing that cross my mind when I think of chilli pan mee. Why? Because being one of the most famous stall that sells chilli pan mee at Chinatown area, it is also the first stall that has the most spicy dried chilli that I have ever been to. I love spicy food but I can only take like around 1 small table spoon of their dried chilli together with the noodle.


IMAG0368  IMAG0367 There is one outlet at Pandan Indah. I have an embarrassing memory at this place with Sai Weng. During our final year examination for the last paper, I think, I have this terrible ulcer in my mouth which resulted my upper and lower gums to be swollen at the side. I can’t open my mouth wide enough to put in the spoon, so I can only eat small and flat food like pan mee. At the same time, I can only chew slowly because it was damn painful. I took nearly an hour to finish my bowl of pan mee. Pity Sai Weng has to wait for me. Haha. Anyway, I was back to the same out last week with Calvin for breakfast. I ordered the dried one while he ordered the soup one. Our meal that day was not as nice as my previous trip. The soup was tasteless. But mine was slightly better as I added in a spoonful of the dried chilli paste. Oh well, no more Kin Kin pan mee for us :)


IMAG0370 I also attended my company’s annual dinner at KL Convention Centre. Their ballroom is huge. After placing around 110 tables, there are still spaces at the side and front of the stage. This is me after my annual make up and hair do with my cute driver :) Theme for this year is denim and diamonds. I am on my custom made denim dress by Darren and …. mickey mouse necklace. Haha. I cannot afford diamonds at the moment but my dress has some glitters powder on them. Both me and Calvin love my dress very much. Even though it’s a bit short but I love the design and comfortable to put on. Would be better if I am slimmer. Haihhh… diet plan failed :(




The view of KLCC from the ballroom’s entrance was amazing. I enjoyed myself very much that night. The food was quite good, for me. Everything was served hot. Taste wise, not bad for a big party like this. At the end of the dinner, each table was given a box of cupcakes with little cupcakes inside. Check out the cute lion :) I did not win anything from lucky draw this year. No MacBook, iPhone 4G or RM5k cash for me but I’m happy for those who won :)

After dinner, me and Calvin headed for drinks at Luna Bar as Sky Bar was full that night. Not really full but they reserved the tables for bigger group and their waiters and waitress are damn lansi. Was so angry at them for their service that night. So we headed to Luna Bar instead. After drinks and gossiping about other people, we headed home and call it a night. The following week has been really busy for me with work and work and work. Oh, I have Subway vouchers for Buy 1 Free 1 too! That has to be the best vouchers to me, by far. Hehe.

Shall end this post with ….


a lovely picture of us :) Hehe.


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