Friday, December 17, 2010


My first crepe was actually from London during my Europe trip. I bought it at Chinatown and finish the whole thing on my own since my sis and Brandon koko refused to even try a little bit of it. I love crepes because they are decorated nicely with fruits and cream all around it. I knew that there is a newly opened crepe stall at Ikano but did not have a chance to try it because everytime I passed by the stall, my tummy was full because of the meal earlier that I had.

Calvin went to Pavillion with Vincent today to try some finger food for his company upcoming event. So he waited for me at Pavillion. Initial plan was to catch a movie while waiting for the jam to subside but Narnia’s show was around 7pm. We wanted to go home for dinner cause mum made chicken rice and ABC soup for Calvin, just as requested. So we decided to do some window shopping. Upon meeting up with Calvin, I suggested to go for light snack because I was hungry and not in the mood for window shopping after seeing the bag that I wanted carried around by other people. Haihh….. depressing betul. Anyway, we were on our way to Snowflake when I saw a banner for Shimino nearby the elevator. Calvin suggested to try this place out since both of us have never been to this new outlet.



It is located at the outer walkway, nearby Quiksilver. There are two tables and a few chairs nearby the stalls for the customers to sit and enjoy the crepes.





From the counter, you can see plastic crepes for display which will give you a glimpse of what are the ingredients that you can put into your crepe. It varies from fruits like banana, strawberry, kiwi and others to ice cream and even cheese cake. Since we will be home for dinner, we decided to choose something light and both of us agreed on strawberries. I somehow lost the photograhs of Calvin holding the crepe, exactly like Miss Universe. Boohooooooo. There is something wrong with my phone. I have never drop my phone and it is always protected by my phone pouch. Somehow, it went cuckoo today. My photos keep on disappearing even though I did not delete them. Anyway, the crepe was quite good. I love the crepe skin as the dough tasted quite nice. the amount of cream and strawberries given were just right as there was not extra cream dripping off the crepe at all. Love it so much and will be back for more.

That’s all. I am really sad that my phone is starting to have memory loss. I sayang my phone very much. Maybe it’s a hint that I should get a new phone. iPhone?? *hint hint hint*


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