Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jyu Raku – Japanese Restaurant of Year 2010

Calvin and I have voted Jyu Raku from Subang Jaya to be the best Japanese Restaurant of Year 2010. Their food was damn good and the restaurant is very beautiful. I really felt like dining in a Japanese restaurant. It started with Calvin’s dad wanted Japanese food for dinner since Calvin’s mum went out with her sisters. Calvin suggested the shop rows just opposite SDMC as there are a few other restaurants there that we have yet to try. The only restaurant that we have been to is Tomoe. So we went there and uncle suggested to dine at the first restaurant that is nearest to our car park. When we went in, the only available seats were at the sushi bar and uncle was not so keen about it. So we went next door, which is Jyu Raku. When we went inside, we were told that the restaurant was full but after a quick check, there was an empty table on the upper level. Lucky us!! The stairs to the upper level is at the back of the restaurant. Once we reach the upper level, we were greeted by….



a beautiful walkway with tables on both side and 2 private rooms at the back. It is beautiful. Both me and Calvin can’t stop “Wahhhh….”.




Our table is on the floor but we can actually put our leg down as the leg compartment is quite deep. We don’t have to fold our leg while eating, which is awesome. The seats are very comfortable where we can lean on it, just like sitting on a chair. I told Calvin that I want to steal the “chair” home. Calvin, in return, told me that he wanted to steal the soya sauce dispenser home… I know, out of topic right. Haha.




The menu itself was very interesting. They have more choices for ala carte food than rice/sushi/sashimi set. I found this fish dish very scary as the fish looks pretty raw. Calvin found it cute and took a photograph of it. Hahaha. And no, we did not order the scary or cute fish for dinner.



Calvin took a photograph of me browsing through the menu. With my glasses on, I look like a nerd reading from a dictionary. Haha.



We were served potato salad as our appetizer. It’s free!! The salad was really yummy. It has onion and cucumber in it. All the ingredients were really fresh and crunchy. Me like..






Our dinner for the night. Calvin and Uncle Jeffrey shared sashimi for 2 person and sushi with chicken teriyaki set. I ordered fried prawn roll and seafood with chicken teppanyaki set. There were tuna, salmon, octopus and one fish that I don’t know the name on the sashimi. Both of them enjoy the soya sauce and wasabi as they were really good. According to them, fish was fresh and went well with the sauce. My fried prawn roll was nice too. There is a special sauce for this roll that is a little bit sour but I like. Best part is, the fried prawn was still hot when they serve the dish. Not warm, but hot. Hehe. Chicken teriyaki is better than chicken teppanyaki. The seafood teppanyaki was quite good. There were about 4 to 5 scallops with a big prawn and a slice of salmon fish.

Did you notice something missing from the meal? Unagi!! Haha. This is the first time that Calvin did not order unagi from a Japanese restaurant. Haha. Maybe he was also tempted by the variety of ala carte menu that the restaurant has. Hehe. He said that we will be back again to try their Unagi, which will determine whether it will replace Tomoe’s yummy unagi position. We shall see, we shall see. Haha. The restaurant serve shabu shabu as well. Maybe our 2nd round there will be for their shabu-shabu as it is raining season and shabu-shabu is the best way to keep ourself warm. Hehe.


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