Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oink Oink, Nom Nom and Pooh Pooh

I have always wanted to try Ninja Joe but they used to have only 1 outlet at Tropicana City Mall. I rarely go to that mall because it was quite far and besides cinema, there pretty much isn’t anything interesting at that place. I have went there several time for dinner with Calvin but I guess nothing was nice as we did not went back for second time. Hehe. Pork burger is the only reason I want to try Ninja Joe. Besides McD in Thailand (must try their pork burger on the upcoming trip…. heard that they are awesome!!), Ninja Joe is the only fast food outlet I know that serve pork burger. They have a new outlet in Sunway Pyramid, just next to T-Bowl.





Just like other fast food restaurant, the restaurant has a simple design. I don’t think fast food restaurant has to have fancy or expensive design because like their food, customers come and go pretty fast as well. Their menu is very small and simple but is different from the normal fries and burger that we can get outside. We have to choose the quantity of burgers that we would like to order –> the flavour/type of sauce for each burger –> to size up our burger or not –> complete the meal with fries or drinks –> to add other side dishes or not. We decided to start with Original and teriyaki with one drink and fries and Shuriken.






I knew about the burger coming in small size. I don’t mind actually. It is getting harder for me to finish a McChicken. Something wrong with my appetite I guess. I get hungry very quickly but then will be feeling full after a few mouthful of food. Bad thing is weight never get down at all. Haihhh…… Let’s just focus on the pork burger, shall we? Hehe. For us, the original one was kind of tasteless while the teriyaki sauce was quite nice but too sweet. The tomato is actually nearly as big as the pork patty. The craziest thing was Calvin actually ate the whole burger including the tomato as well. He don’t really take tomato in such big piece, you know. Haha. I guess he must be pretty hungry that day. The Shuriken is something like pork nugget with a little bit of diced potato in it. Quite nice but too oily. The oil literally dripped into the black try from the edge of the paper container. Ewww…… But overall, the meal was not bad. Definitely worth another visit to try other flavour.


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