Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uncle Seng Home Made Noodle

Deciding what to eat has always been easy for me if I am staying for at Calvin’s place for the weekend because there are so much to choose from. If I can’t decide, I will just tell him to find a parking space and we shall dine at the nearest restaurant.

But on last weekend, we decided to drive around first. We passed by this place that was packed with people, so we decided to try it out. Luckily we found a parking space just nearby. The name of the restaurant is Uncle Seng and their specialty is home made noodle.



The restaurant was full with people when we arrived and we have to wait a while before getting a seat. Their menu is simple. Noodle with fried pork, char siew, wan ton, mushroom chicken and etc. Since it was our first time there, we decided to order different “side dishes” with the noodle.




I ordered fried pork and wan tone while Calvin ordered shredded chicken with wan ton. The noodle are gravy-less. Something like hakka noodle. It was supposed to be mixed together with their special chilli sauce but we did not mix it in because it may be too spicy for our hungry stomach. We just take it as it is, which is not bad by the way. The noodle was springy. Char siew, well, not as good as the one from Jalan Alor. Hehe. But wan ton was surprisingly good. For others, the noodle may be tasteless but it was still okay for us. One thing for sure, the portion is really big. The amount of noodle they give per plate can actually be shared by 2 person. None of us could finish the whole plate!!! As usual, my plate has the most amount of noodle left. Nearly half, I think. Hehe.



The newspaper article at the front of the shop. If you have never tried hakka noodle, maybe you should try this place out. Different place has different hakka noodle, like the one in Ipoh is totally different from KL. The one in Ipoh is something similar to wanton noodle. One thing for sure though, both are gravy-less. So be prepared to be served with white noodle. Haha.


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