Thursday, December 9, 2010

How I spend my holiday :)

Arghh… I’m so tired that my brain can no longer function properly. Just 2 more days left for me to rush all my work and submit it to the big boss on Monday. Wuu wuu wuu :( I don’t want to work on Saturday.

Oh well, let’s talk about something happy which need not use much of my brain function. Awal Muharram was spent eat, walk, eat, walk and eat. Did some early activity in the morning and after changing, headed to The Curve for shopping. I have not step into a shopping centre for a really long time. Most of the weekend was spent lazing around at Calvin’s place and watch tv. Naiseeeee :) Anyway, let’s get back to Awal Muharram shall we? Hehe. Reached The Curve quite early, so we headed for breakfast with his mum.




We headed to the LG of Ikano Power Centre. There are a few restaurants there and we decided to choose Malaysia style breakfast. There’s a small area with tables and chairs and few smaller stalls around it. Mama Nyonya has to be the most obvious from all the stalls as you can see a lot of kuihs and other local food arranged neatly at the front of the stall. Choosing what to eat among so much choices was a difficult task for me. At the end, Nasi Lemak won :) In fact, both me and Calvin choose Nasi Lemak. I’m not really a big fan of kuihs as most of them have coconut thingy all over them. Calvin’s mum bought mee siam for herself. We ordered soya bean from another stall nearby. The Nasi Lemak was just normal. The one behind my office is way better :)

After breakfast, we went for shopping. I did not buy any clothing for myself (Note to self: Seriously need more working attire and casual top/blouse and stop buying t-shirt) but bought a white purse for me to store my cards. I don’t like my purse being all tight and bulky by all those cards. I rather it be bulky because of all the cash I have. Haha. Calvin on the other hand bought 2 cute shirts from Padini. Seriously, I find guy clothing much more nicer than girls nowadays. Haihhh….. After that, we went to Ikea to check out their new furniture. Everytime I visit Ikea with Calvin, I always tell him how my dream house should look like and how I wish that all my furniture are bought from Ikea because they are all so nice and pretty and also space saving :) Brilliant and intelligent designs :) Me likey….

After that, we headed for the food area for lunch. There were 2 long queues at the food area. Since I wanted to eat the meatballs so much, Calvin said that we should just stay in the queue and wait for however long it takes. Aw…. so nice of him. He is always the one that don’t let me give up so easily. But then he is also the one that dislike to queue up. He rather not buy/eat/have whatever that the line was queuing for. But, if I want that thing, he will be the one to really queue up for it even though it’s a really long queue. Thank you dear :) Oh, we queued up for 40 to 45 minutes for these yummies….


IMAG039812 pieces of meatballs, garden salad and 2 pieces of chicken wings. It was Calvin’s first time trying the chicken wings and he loves it very much. As for the meatballs, still as yummy as before. Garden salad is a must to (try) balance out all the meat that we were consuming. We left the place with a happy stomach.

After lunch, we walked around a little more before headed back to my house for dinner. Nothing beats home cooked dinner by my mum :) I’m lucky to have a mummy who cooks. Most of the aunties nowadays leave all the cooking to the maids as she has other things to do. But mum cooked food is the best in world as it has motherly love as the main ingredient :) Hehe.

Wish me luck for tomorrow’s battle with MAS!!! Gambateh!!!


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