Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pasta Zanmai

Pasta Zanmai and Sushi Zanmai are my favourite Japanese restaurants. Vincent and Sai Weng were the first few people that dine with me in Sushi Zanmai. The outlet at The Gardens has always been my favourite. Pasta Zanmai, on the other hand, was with my girls for CNY dinner. Besides girls, a few Serayan guys and Nicole’s sis tagged along as well. But it has been ages since I last visited Pasta Zanmai. Me and Calvin always visit Japanese restaurant that we have never been to, in search for the best Unagi in town. Haha. But I do crave for Pasta Zanmai once in a while because some of their spaghetti are quite nice.

We visited the outlet at Sunway Pyramid after watching Narnia. Both of us shared a large popcorn, which we did not finished, and a large Coke. So after the movie, we walked around and I wanted to have something light as late lunch.



Unlike Sushi Zanmai, there is no sushi conveyor belt at the center of the restaurant. Instead, they have small island of round tables that can sit up to 6 people. Restaurant was decorated for the upcoming Christmas, hence a lot of green thing-y draped all around the restaurant.



Me with my new black scarf that I bought from Forever 21. We went around the whole Sunday Pyramid to search for the perfect black scarf that I could bring along for formal/wedding dinner instead of a jacket. Calvin and I dug deep into the big pile of scarfs and finally settled with this one. It saved my life on Christmas dinner, which I will blog later. Hehe. I have no idea that I could actually look like a nun or some spiritual person with the scarf wrapped around me like that. Or maybe like those Arabian woman. Hahaha.



This is what the both of us shared. Creamy sauce spaghetti with mushroom and some special half boiled egg. I kind of love half boiled egg now, thanks to Calvin. He will always order two for breakfast whenever it is available. I prefer mine mixed with salad (made my own way) and spaghetti. Mix, mix, mix and mix … tadaaaa… thicker gravy which taste better than without egg. Hehe. Anyway, I love the spaghetti as it was really creamy. Oh well, I guess I love everything with mushroom on them. Haha.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year people.


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