Monday, December 13, 2010

Hokkaido Ichiba

Christmas is just around the corner. Like my previous company, ING has a tradition for exchange Christmas present too. But we have to buy the present first before drawing lots on who to give the present to/who give us their present. It was hard to buy a present that is suitable for both male and female, old and young, any races and suitable to use. Calvin has to buy a present for his colleague too but he already knew earlier whom to buy for. So last weekend, we went Mid Valley for Christmas shopping. We also plan to get presents for each other. Easier this way because he will definitely like and use it and I don’t have to crack my head on thinking what to buy. We don’t plan to surprise each other with presents on Christmas. Surprises are left for our birthday and anniversary. Anyway, after window shopping for nearly an hour, we decided to have lunch as it was getting late and I am quite hungry. Initial plan was Taiwanese food but Calvin prefer Zanmai. Since both restaurants have a long queue at the front, we decided to walk around and try our luck at other restaurant. Then we came across Hokkaido Ichiba. Since none of us have tried their food before, we decided to have our lunch there.




This restaurant includes a separate dessert area for those who just want to have dessert and drinks, and also a mini market at the other side selling all kinds of Japanese food. You can get cookies, noodles and ice cream from the mini market. All from Japan!! There is a queue there and we thought the place was full. But we can see an empty table from where we stand. So why don’t they let the people in front of us in? Anyway, me and Calvin were too busy chatting that we did not ask much. When it was our turn, we were taken to a round table that could accommodate 4 to 5 people. After sitting down, we realised that there were a few more empty tables at the back and another area all empty. Why do they make the customers stand in line then? So that other people will notice the line and will think that the food is awesome? Haihhh… no idea. I was too hungry to think all that, so we quickly order our food.




The interior of the restaurant was quite nice. The kitchen is situated right in the middle of the restaurant where the customers can see the chefs busy preparing the food through the glass wall. The tables are mostly round shape and as if in tiny individual island. We can view the Federal Highway and the houses on the hill from our table. We do not have to wait long for our food, even though the restaurant was quite full that day.




We ordered the set lunch since we are not in the mood for ala carte meals. My beef teppanyaki wasn’t bad but then the beef were cut “cincai-ly”. Some were thicker than the others and the last piece has to be the biggest one. Chawan mush was good, warm and smooth. The cold mashed potato appetizer was quite interesting for the both of us. Calvin’s Unagi and sushi set was quite nice but one of the Unagi was stale. Luckily, the other one tasted quite good. I ate his scallop sushi while he finished the rest. Overall, I think his meal was better than mine even though most of our side dishes are the same. But his main of the main dish was way better than mine.

After lunch, we went straight to get Christmas presents for each other. Shall blog about the presents after Christmas. Haha.


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