Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hokkien and Hainanese Noodle :)

Just got back from dinner with Calvin. Initial plan of Hokkien Mee near the Dewan Pustaka was cancelled because it is closed for the day. Since both of us don’t feel like having rice for dinner, I suggested this place near menara PGRM that serve Hokkien noodle as well. In addition, they serve Hainanese noodle as well.



The humble and tiny board with the restaurant’s name. It is directly next to the Petronas petrol station in front of PRGM tower at Taman Maluri. Oh, it’s beside a coffin shop too. Easy to find :)



Both of us shared this bowl of drinks. It’s actually a combination of luo hon guo, pear, the white thing, the red thing and other things. Haha. The sight of the bowl totally reduced my appetite towards the drink up to 0. But when I look around, other bowls at various table look just fine. Why is it ours look so terribly terrible? Ishhhhhh I only took 2 sips of the drink. Somehow, this bowl reminds me of the tiny scar on my hand :( geliii……..



IMAG0335 We ordered 2 types of noodle. Hokkien mee and Hainanese mee. The Hokkien mee is by far, the best that I had so far. Not too watery/gravy nor too dry. The taste is just right with generous amount of small prawns and pork. Calvin like it too. I guess he has no other choice because my favourite, Hainan noodle, is actually sour. Check out the amount of lime given. I squeeze all of them into the noodle and mix mix mix. The Hainan noodle is something like lum mee but with white gravy. It has raw onion and cucumber with fried scrambled egg. I love it because it’s sour and really appetizing. Calvin who is not a big fan of sour food finished the Hokkien noodle. This is not my first time to this place. I have been here previously with my family and everyone of us enjoyed the Hainan noodle.

Recently, I have weird cravings at weird places. Remember my note to self that I will try all the food at Old Town Coffee and will restrained myself from ordering Ipoh Chicken Noodle? Me and Calvin went for dinner at Old Town Coffee the other day and I was really tempted to order the noodle but in the end….



…ordered Roti Canai instead. Haha. The size of the roti canai is smaller than the mamak one but it was really crispy and quite okay. The curry may be too oily for me but the curry went pretty well with the roti canai. This is my first time trying their roti canai. Hehe.

I am very excited about tomorrow and also Saturday night. Looking forward to have fun with my crazy colleagues this Saturday night.

Goodnight ppl :)


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