Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Chef – No More!!!

There was one One Chef Restaurant at Jaya One, which I had been there for lunch with Wai Kin when it was newly opened. The interior of the restaurant looks simple, white and has a few hanging-swing-seats. We thought their food should be good, or at least okay but both of us were very disappointed with our meal there. Expensive and not nice at all. So it is in my No Good list.

They opened a new outlet at Times Square. Calvin was working on his company’s camera fair and I went there for dinner with him and visited his fair after that. I suggested that place to Calvin, wanted to give it a second chance and hoping that it will not disappoint me.



IMAG0127Just like the outlet at Jaya One, the restaurant is white in colour with hanging-swing-seats. We choose the normal table and seats because it is more cooling. The hanging-swing-seats are at the side of the restaurant. I would rate the restaurant very high with the interior design and colours. Food wise, let’s just say there will be no 3rd visit anymore.




I ordered the braised chicken and Calvin had sweet and sour pork. First of all, the soup is very salty and we have no idea what soup was it. Even though my braised chicken look very dark, but it’s tasteless and served cold. I am certainly not a big fan of cold meat okay. Calvin’s sweet and sour pork was better because it was hot. I was so jealous and I nearly wanted to heat up my chicken in his mini wok. The side dishes, oh well, not much to comment about the cold peanuts, cold long bean and crunchy friend wanton.

We ordered an additional omelet and luckily it was edible. Or else, I will be a grumpy lady of the night. Seriously, they need to do something about their food, or else they will not be getting new customers. Furthermore, their shop is at the corner where very little people will pass by that place. Like the ulu-ulu kampung area. Haihhh…… that’s it. No more 3rd visit, unless they change and received a lot of good compliments. Or else, it will remain in my No Good folder.


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