Monday, November 29, 2010

Noodle Station

Dear blog, sorry for the lack of update as I have been very busy with work for the past weeks. I am currently handling MAS accounts and thanks to the previous system problem, the claims are piling up at the cabinet. Today is my first submission to MAS and hopefully everything will be okay :) Thank you :)

There are a lot of restaurants and fast food all around Subang area. Since I spend most of my weekend at Calvin’s place, I am already quite familiar with that place :) But still, there are a lot of places that I have yet to try. Calvin suggested dinner at Subang on Thursday night after picking me up from work and since I have to overnight at his place. So Noodle Station it is.

Calvin surveyed about this place from the Internet. Yes, he found this place instead of me. Usually, I am the one doing all the food and travel research. I research, plan and execute them nicely. So all he do is just bring himself :) Hehe. Lately, he has been doing his own research as well, and it’s my turn to just show up. So far, he has yet to let me down :p

 IMAG0336Our drinks for the night. Ice chocolate for him and ice peach tea for me. I think that his ice chocolate tasted a little funny but he said it was normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Oh well, as long as it’s not running down my stomach :p



IMAG0340 Noodle Station has a few outlet around KL. Business was quite slow that night because we were the only customer at ground floor. We did not went up to the first floor, so we can’t really tell if is there any customers upstairs. But then, when we reached the restaurant, it was already nearly 9pm. So, I bet the dinner crowd have already left the place :)



IMAG0342 Both of us ordered noodle since their noodles are home made. Calvin ordered dried soya sauce noodle with chicken drumstick while I ordered Pastrami. The waitress recommended these 2 noodles to us. Besides noodle, they serve western and rice dishes as well. Calvin’s noodle was just okay, like the normal “kon lou” noodle. I think mine is fusion noodle of Chinese and Western. It’s a little bit dry, hence it hardened after a period of exposure to the air conditioner. But the taste was really special. It’s something like concentrated butter milk sauce all over the noodle with bacon and mushroom. I like the taste but could be better if it did not get hard so fast :)

After dinner, we headed back to Calvin’s place and called it a night. More to come on the weekend :)


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