Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ichiban Boshi @ Pavillion

For one of my colleague’s birthday, most of us went to Ichiban Boshi since she requested for Japanese food. My office is really near to Pavillion so we went there for lunch on Friday. I told Calvin about this place. When I finished work late one day and Calvin went over to my office to pick me up, I suggested this place for dinner since its’ so near :)

It’s easy to find Ichiban Boshi since it is located opposite the Republic Food Court. 



IMAG0155 IMAG0159

The interior of the restaurant. We sat at the table just next to the sushi belt. The sushi belt is really long and it went around the square tables. They also have a sushi bar with seats that can fit two person just directly in front of it.





This is my favourite dish because it consists nothing but mushrooms :) Initially it came out really nice in the aluminium foil but I tore the foil a little bit more than I have to. So I decided to pour the content out into the plate instead :p



Calvin, as usual, ordered the Unagi set with tempura, grilled salmon and sashimi. The grilled salmon was cold and Calvin don’t like it at all. But the Unagi was okay, edible but not the best Unagi. Hehe.

I am on diet, hence I ordered half plain udon. When I say plain, it means nothing else but udon and some spring onion. Hehe. Udon and mushroom was all I had that night. But I left the restaurant with a full stomach.

Okay, maybe Calvin don’t like that place much but at least it wasn’t a bad experience for the both of us :)


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