Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nak Won Korean Restaurant, Ampang

My current favorite place for Korean BBQ will be Nak Won at Ampang, just opposite Ampang Point. I was introduced to this place by my sister who has been there several times with her friends. When I was there with my sister, I don’t have to crack my head to decide what to order. She will do all the ordering and I will do all the eating. Haha. I have been there previously with my galz for small gathering as well. Apparently Rachel knows this place too. I guess her family enjoy eating there too because I bumped into her parents when I was there yesterday :) I went there for dinner with AA ex-colleagues. I must say though, the food was not that nice anymore. We ordered beef, pork, pancake and some fried glass noodle. Seriously, I missed the big wok Korean food even more. Haha.



Korean restaurant is the only place I know that loved to fill the whole table with plates and plates of food. Chan made a good point that being a dish washer in Korean restaurant is a tough job because he/she will have to wash a lot of plates everyday. Haha. But I did not ate much side dishes that day except brinjals :) I was looking for the ikan bilis but spotted it only at the end of dinner when we were about to leave. Haha.

  IMAG0321  IMAG0327 Our grilled pork and beef :) I preferred the meat without marinated because it’s less salty and I can actually taste the meat instead of the sauce :) Ohhh, let’s not forget about grilled onions :)




Besides grill items, they ordered pancake and glass noodle as well. I only tried the pancake because I don’t really like glass noodle but Calvin said the noodles were really good. In fact, he had a few servings of the noodle. Haha. The pancake was okay but I can’t locate the seafood as we ordered the seafood pancake instead of kim chi pancake.

That’s all about dinner. Suk Yee and Jess said there is a better around PJ area called Dai Cheong Kam, as in the famous korean drama. I never tried that before, would really like to try it some day with them. I enjoyed myself very much last night. It was great catching up with them after so long and share news about our work. After dinner, we went for mahjong session at Sai Weng’s house till late :) It was fun, fun, fun and fun. Sai Weng’s parents even invited us to play again next time. Haha.

That’s all for my weekend. Filled with delicious food and fun activities :) Oh, did I mention I went cycling as well? It’s a long story but I enjoyed myself very much that day :) Hot, sunny, tiring but fun :) At least I won’t feel miserable going to work tomorrow after all the fun that I had over the weekend :)


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